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What Is FCRA Compliance?

Key terms: Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA): Any person or entity that procures or furnishes consumer information (particularly credit or criminal history information) on a non-profit or for-profit basis. Common examples of CRAs include credit bureaus and background screening companies. Consumer Report: Information collected by a CRA and used by employers, creditors, or other parties in …

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Important “Ban the Box” Policy Basics

“Ban the box” policies exist to discourage employers from making hiring judgment calls based on stigma alone. The idea is for a candidate’s qualifications to be reviewed and considered before conviction/arrest history questions and screenings make their way into the process. Given that around one-third of Americans have some criminal history, the question “have you …

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Why CRA Need Comprehensive Compliance & Information Security

CRAs, or consumer reporting agencies, regularly handle sensitive information about consumers. However, there are a few rules and regulations they must follow. In this article, we’ll examine why CRAs require comprehensive compliance and information security to help shed some light on this requirement. Reasons Why CRAs Require Comprehensive Compliance and Information Security In 2017, Equifax, …

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