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Navigating the process of onboarding, for employers and new hires alike, can be difficult. When it comes to background checks, the employer is ultimately responsible for the hiring decisions made based on the data received. Some background check providers include information in reports that can not be lawfully used to make a hiring decision.

The fact of the matter is, it takes attention and effort on the part of the screening provider to make sure all information is 100 percent actionable and within the bounds of employer discretion. Peopletrail focuses intently on making sure all reports are properly screened, verified, and double-checked for inaccuracies and non-compliant data. For us, there is no other acceptable standard. 

Proudly Maintaining a 99.5% Client Retention Rate

Providing the Best-Possible Candidate Experience

A key part of being a valued partner to our clients is treating their people like our people. We make sure each candidate has a smooth experience, keeping our lines of communication constantly open for when there arises a question or concern.

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Where Technology Meets Human Expertise

As we move further into the digital age, streamlining processes, enhancing data security, and improving flexibility are important focuses for most every solution. However, in our industry, AI doesn’t cover every base. Our people work in tandem with advanced technology to ensure optimal results are delivered, every time.

Training and Quality Assurance

All of our new researchers undergo a 10-module training program.
After training, two percent of reports are reviewed by a different researcher for error detection.
All complaints and errors are tracked centrally and reported to the Vice President of Operations.
Any researcher committing an error is placed on immediate administrative review and all work is audited until consistent accuracy is demonstrated.
Our researchers are constantly educated on new laws, regulations, best practices, and internal protocols.

Our Client Care Philosophy

We believe that results are a reflection of our concern for our clients and their candidates. Through quick turnarounds, accurate data, and attentive support, we provide a comprehensive yet painless solution for all who trust us as their screening partner.

The Best In Background Screening

With Peopletrail you will:

  • Work with a dedicated account manager
  • Distinguish a strict compliance standard that keeps you safe
  • Receive results quickly
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Offer an enhanced candidate experience

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