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Background Screening for the Education Industry

Because academic screening provides a safer learning environment for students.

Service Overview

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When looking back at ancient civilizations such as those in Greece, it was the teacher, not the actor or athlete, who had the most venerated profession. In many ways, it is the role of educators, and even institution administrators and staff, to influence the landscape of the future by instilling in children, teens, and adults the value of hard work and proper education. The individuals who shoulder this responsibility should be worthy of the trust that their positions demand. It is crucially important that institutions know who they are recruiting to help in these influential efforts.

Preserving Educational Integrity

You need to know for certain that the professors, teachers, and other educational staff you are hiring are being honest about their identity, previous employment, and qualifications. Nearly 78 percent of job seekers are dishonest on their applications. While some industries may not be so heavily impacted by this dishonesty, the education industry has a lot at stake. 

Peopletrail can provide the necessary information for you to make a confident hiring decision, inviting only the best, most dependable individuals to your team. Specific examples of faculty or teaching staff background checks in the education industry include:

  • Screenings for primary and pre-school teachers
  • Secondary school instructor pre-employment screenings
  • Private tutor screenings
  • University and college professor screenings
  • Credentials verification for educators at all levels
  • Drug testing for personnel

Safeguard Your Institution

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff are required to keep an education institution running smoothly. Their job responsibilities often give them unbridled access to student records and other sensitive information. Our administrative staff background screenings help to uncover any undesirable past activities.

Maintenance and other Staff

Staff members such as maintenance personnel, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers have regular contact with students. They should undergo the same standard of verification as teachers. Peopletrail background checks search for sexual offenses and prior felony convictions while complying with FCRA guidelines.

Teachers and Professors

Faculty members and tenured professors have high-profile access to students and other faculty. Screening these individuals upon hire and advancement can keep your liability risk low and your students safe. Peopletrail background checks can reveal past misconduct that may deem a potential hire unfit for a teaching position.

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