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The Data:


Incidents of global terrorism (per year) are up 400% since the year 2000.


According to 2021 datathe United States ranked 56th on the international crime index list. It’s not just domestic crime some employers should be concerned about.


Many crimes committed and processed in a given country are not actively reported across borders.

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Retrieving Global Data

Peopletrail provides a wide selection of global screening services in over 190 countries and territories around the world. If you want, safe, rapid, actionable global data on your candidates, Peopletrail is the preferred partner.

General International Screening Searches

Peopletrail can verify international educational documents in the countries outlined above to ensure their authenticity and accuracy. Our reports will include information about a candidate’s claimed education, start and end dates, graduation date, majors studied, and training, degree, or certification obtained.

Our global driving license check looks for license type, license number, name, address, status, vehicle identity number, and driving records. Our reports are comprehensive and easy to understand. You will be notified of any irresponsible behavior, like repeated traffic violations, road accidents, or unpaid fines.

Our international criminal record checks contain information about a candidate’s criminal history. We carry out sovereign jurisdiction checks, criminal searches, city/regional police record checks, criminal repository checks, international watchlist searches, sanctions list searches, and more for possible matches.

Our international network of experts helps us retrieve court records, including major civil lawsuits, bankruptcies, disputes, and criminal records of candidates. Our global jurisdiction record check reports contain information about the case type, file date, and disposition. We retrieve information from the public record index as maintained by the specific country’s court or government authority.

Global screening for employment often includes past international employer verifications. Peopletrail can verify whether a candidate’s prior work history is what they claim it to be. Our international screening and verifications involve direct contact with the reporting managers to verify the candidate’s job title, responsibilities, tenure, performance, salary claims, rehire eligibility, and reasons for separation.

Peopletrail can check international sanctions lists to verify whether the candidate has been barred by trade/financial regulators or law enforcement bodies. This check is useful in ensuring that the candidate you hire is allowed to work in the United States and within your industry.

Financial regulatory checks are designed for organizations operating in the financial or banking sector. This particular check can help you verify whether a candidate is suitable and complies with relevant financial conduct authority guidelines.

Our global reference checks involve verifying references provided by the candidate. Reference checks allow you to gather valuable insights and hire capable candidates who can handle the job responsibilities associated with a given position.

International screening for credit gives you information about tax liens, bankruptcies, debts, loans, collection accounts, and other similar things. A credit history check can help you understand whether or not a candidate is financially responsible. These checks reflect whether a candidate is honest and accountable to their fiscal obligations.

Peopletrail has the resources and expertise to verify an applicant’s identity based on their government-issued documents, such as identity cards and licenses. We check for authenticity and accuracy. This ensures that each candidate is honest about their identity, helping you reduce hiring risk.

Social media searches help identify the candidate’s attitude, personal beliefs, character, and moral turpitude. This can be ideal for those who want to cast a wider net, garnering more behind-the-scenes insights into who they are hiring for a particular position.

DISCLAIMER: Not all of these products are available in every jurisdiction. Contact us to learn more about which searches are available in a specific jurisdiction.

Peopletrail is a leader in providing international screening solutions for organizations large and small across the globe.

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