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Drug Screening for Safer Hiring

Because substance abuse is prevalent.

The Data:

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics


Nearly 12 percent of Americans 12 and over use illegal drugs.


Drug use is highest among persons between the ages of 18-25 at 39 percent compared to persons aged 26-29, at 34 percent.


It can be very difficult to detect drug abuse until a user enters the deepest stages of addiction.

Drug Screening Comes in many forms

Customize Your Drug Testing Program

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Whether your drug screening preferences or requirements involve hair, saliva, or urine collection and testing, we can deliver the results you need.
The implementation of a random drug testing program is not only a good best practice for any organization but is often a necessary risk-aversion measure.
Reasonable Suspicion
Have a screening solution in place for when you have reason to believe substances may be impacting the performance of someone on your team.
For many driving positions, especially at the federal level, post-accident drug screening is required to rule out the role of substances in the incident.
After leave due to an accident, suspension, or other cause, many employers, especially at the federal level, require their returning employees to pass a drug test.
For larger collections, Peopletrail can organize on-site efforts, increasing drug screening efficiency while reducing collection coordination headache.

Maintain a Substance-Free Work Environment

Drug and health screening is mandated among federally-regulated organizations that employ individuals in safety-sensitive positions. However, even when not required, many organizations conduct drug testing for employment in order to mitigate risk in the workplace and improve team productivity. Whether you are bound by government mandates or dedication to safety, Peopletrail has the drug screening solutions you need.

Nationwide Collection Facilities
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Minute Avg. Drive Time (Candidates)
Hour Avg. Turnaround Time
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Right to Privacy and Notifications

Most states have allowed testing of applicants prior to the final offer as long as there are proper disclosures. However, there are certain states that require a conditional job offer to conduct a drug test. Notification of the drug testing can be provided during the first interview or on the application form signed by the applicant. Peopletrail can help ensure that your organization has the proper disclosures and carries out appropriate drug testing protocol, staying compliant with screening regulations.

Our Process

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Receive candidate information.


For off-site collection, our automated system will work with your candidate, assigning them to one of over 10,000 locations nationwide. The average distance a candidate travels for collection is under 7 miles.


Clinic information is communicated to the candidate detailing completion timeframes, location, clinic hours, and general information on what to expect.


Depending on the initial results, further time may be required for laboratory verification. Prescriptions are verified with the candidate by our dedicated Medical Review Officer.


Final results are reported to Peopletrail either by the clinic or the lab and included in the candidate’s report.

Common Solutions: Drug Testing for Employment

Drug testing detection window infographic
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Additional urine drug test detection timelines (rough estimates only):

  • Alcohol: 3-5 days in urine
  • Amphetamines: 1-3 days 
  • Barbiturates: 2-4 days
  • Benzodiazepines: 3-6 weeks in urine
  • Cannabis: 7-30 days in urine
  • Cocaine: 3-4 days in urine
  • Codeine: 1 day in urine
  • Heroin: 3-4 days in urine
  • MDMA (ecstasy): 3-4 days in urine

A drug-free environment can clear undue obstacles that stand between your organization and its long-term goals. Choose a drug testing solution that will help you make confident hiring decisions.

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