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The Peopletrail Difference is more than a mantra, it permeates our culture and drives every interaction. We take pride in developing solutions that address your unique needs. Please read what our clients say about us.

We turned to Peopletrail and found a response at every phone call, as well as the technology we needed. When your goal is to provide the best to your customers, you need to work with the best. What we’ve found in Peopletrail is a partner who is always working to give us a better product and service, and that is a valuable offer.

The real value with Peopletrail is their ability to address our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. Our clients need to get officials assigned as quickly as possible. They expect the best, and they expect it with speed. They also expect us to always be improving. Peopletrail brings this.

Peopletrail is a great company to work with. They are very customer focused and deliver the best service possible. Over the years, they have helped us reduce our onboarding time and are willing to help in any way possible to ensure we are getting the best service possible.

They understood completely that we couldn’t afford to wait a week for a screening report to come back. After working together with Peopletrail we cut that time down to 2.5 business days completing both the candidate drug test, as well as their comprehensive background screening report.