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Who Are We?

Peopletrail has been a trusted screening partner since 2005


Human Experts With Powerful AI

With all the data available to us today, it’s easy to assume that employment screening is a simple, fully-automated process— but this is rarely the case. While technology plays an important role, if left to itself, you could expect to see results littered with inconsistencies and errors, showing signs of clear compliance neglect. The truth is, proper background screening requires expertise, human expertise. At Peopletrail, we work hard to make an appreciable difference at every turn, offering both client and candidate a professional, painless, educational, solution to their needs. 

Dedicated to Your Process

From decades of experience working with organizations across nearly every industry, we have learned a thing or two about what it takes to make sound hiring decisions. Finding the right fit for a position can be challenging. We strive to make the process as easy as possible providing you with fully-integrated solutions so you can carry on within your current workflows all the while receiving the best, most trusted candidate screening information available.



Time Savers. Compliance Leaders.

When screening processes aren’t streamlined, the employer is the one who bears the burden. Time is wasted, candidates are left with undue frustrations, and your stress levels inevitably rise. While your provider’s people, operational processes, and technology play a large role in providing efficient results, so does compliance. Strict compliance observance protects both you and the candidate, reducing the number of records disputes and possible lawsuits. At Peopletrail, we stay on top of changes that could affect the screening process and carry out rigorous compliance protocols while managing pre-adverse and adverse action processes. This enables us to provide you with the actionable insights you need to make the right hiring decisions. 

Peopletrail Offers You More Than Screening Reports

Seek structure and protection from an authorized business partner that understands your needs and requirements.
Our PBSA accreditation establishes a strong foundation upon which proper fulfillment and client care can rest.
Human Expertise
At Peopletrail, we pride ourselves on bringing people into the process in order to improve accuracy and integrity of data.
You’ve spent many strategic hours developing your internal systems. We can provide you a fully-integration solution.
Industry Experience
We understand the intricacies of different organizations and industries. Choose an expert as your screening partner.
Your dedicated account managers will be there when you need them providing sound, informed assistance.

Peopletrail’s invested understanding translates to quick, accurate, and compliant-driven reporting that supports your company’s specific needs.

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