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Extended Workforce Screening for Safer Hiring

Ensure contingent workers and vendors are meeting your employment standards.

The Data:


A recent poll found that 1 in 5 American jobs is contracted. 


The average job contract generally lasts between 3 and 12 months.


Most companies in the United States utilize contract labor to some capacity but many have no screening process in place for such personnel

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Know Your Contractors and Vendors

An extended workforce is a combination of those who provide their skills and expertise to your business but are not employees of the organization. Although these workers may not be directly involved with key operations, their credibility and experience should be challenged and verified in order to ensure job proficiency. It is necessary to screen your extended workforce, including temporary workers, independent contractors, and professional consultants. Peopletrail helps organizations reduce or mitigate workforce risk by offering comprehensive extended workforce screening solutions.

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Keep It Consistent

While different departments and positions may encounter diversity when it comes to specific screening requirements, it is important to have a general process in place for all who carry out work on behalf of your organization. HR departments often carry the assumption that third-party vendors and workers have been properly screened when, in fact, they haven’t. It is necessary to screen your extended workforce – drivers, contractors, vendors, and others to protect yourself from liability. Peopletrail allows organizations to screen their extended workforce as if it was their own.

Don’t Risk Your Corporate Image

The employment landscape is continually evolving. This is especially true when it comes to contingent employment as more access and responsibility are granted to non-employee workers. While Peopletrail specializes in background screening for employment, we also provide comprehensive solutions for all your hiring needs. Don’t leave your extended workforce on an island by themselves. They carry out work on your behalf and are, therefore, important variables in your overall equation of success. There are several reasons to trust Peopletrail with your extended workforce screening:

Reduce the risk associated with contingent workers.
Achieve greater consistency throughout your screening program.
Ensure your vendors are in compliance with your screening standards.
Consolidate multiple processes into a single and simplified screening solution.
Simplify the expansion and implementation of your extended workforce screening process.
Keep your extended workforce accountable

We are here to help you build a safer, more productive workforce that you can rely upon day in and day out. Understanding your needs and providing the proper solutions to meet them is what Peopletrail does best.

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