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August 2022

Firearms transaction record. Background screening concept.

Is the FBI the Best Choice for Screening Gun Buyers?

Let’s take a moment to address a difficult subject. From January through June 2022, at least 314 mass shootings had been reported in the U.S.— a number that can’t be understated. Each of those 314 occasions surely inspired heartbreak of the highest magnitude as well as debilitating, lifelong trauma. Those of us who remain unaffected […]

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Blocks on a table with the letters FCRA. Compliance concept.

What Is FCRA Compliance?

Key terms: Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA): Any person or entity that procures or furnishes consumer information (particularly credit or criminal history information) on a non-profit or for-profit basis. Common examples of CRAs include credit bureaus and background screening companies. Consumer Report: Information collected by a CRA and used by employers, creditors, or other parties in

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