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Navigating the waters of hiring within the heavily-regulated healthcare industry can be a large undertaking. Peopletrail provides you with compliant healthcare screening solutions that better allow you to assemble your ideal medical staff. We work to keep you informed on changing laws and regulations while providing you with accurate results you can trust.

Prevent Drug Diversion

Drug diversion is the illegal use or possession of prescription medications and has become an increasing problem among healthcare providers. Providers who steal prescription medications or other controlled substances for their own use create an unsafe environment for themselves, fellow workers, and their patients. Given that death rates from opioid overdoses are overtaking those of fatal car accidents, health care institutions run the risk of encountering serious problems within their own facilities.  

Proper healthcare employee screening is a good way to prevent workplace mishaps, maintaining the integrity of your institution. Peopletrail offers comprehensive background screening services that are tailor-made for the healthcare industry. 

Recommended Healthcare Screening Solutions

Education Verification 

Ensuring doctors, nurses, and other staff have received the necessary education is of fundamental importance when hiring for healthcare-related positions. 

OIG Excluded Parties/Medicaid Sanctions List

Healthcare institutions are required to make sure their employees are absent from a number of exclusions databases such as the OIG and Medicaid Sanctions List.

Identity Check

Peopletrail offers an identity check as part of the background screening process to help you verify whether the candidate is actually who they claim to be. 

Credentials Check

Peopletrail can successfully verify professional credentials to authenticate their medical qualifications. This can be carried out for doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, techs, or any other medical practitioner.

Criminal Background Check

We recommend that each healthcare professional undergo a comprehensive criminal background check as part of their onboarding process.  

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Avoid hiring employees with substance abuse habits by implementing a pre-employment and/or random drug testing process.

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