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Our simple and intuitive background screening portal supports integrations with over 100 ATS systems.
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Pre-employment screening can be confusing for your potential new hires. We make sure they feel comfortable and informed.
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Pre Employment Screening Services For All Industries

According to SHRM, a significant reason to conduct background and reference checks is to avoid harm or legal liability. These liabilities present themselves across the board—in all industries and regions. Whether your organization operates within construction, healthcare, finance, transportation, or other industries, Peopletrail provides comprehensive screening solutions that can help promote greater workplace safety, while also reducing employee turnover.
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Learn More About Our Background Screening Services

Several potential bottlenecks can hold up the hiring process. Your background screening company shouldn’t be one of them. Peopletrail offers globally-trusted employment screening services that work to keep your organization safe.

Verify the suitability of each candidate through proper criminal pre-employment screening.

Identity screening is essential for you to determine if a candidate is being truthful on their application.

Our verification solutions are extensive and include education, employment, as well as personal and professional references

For driving positions, we offer both DOT and non-DOT driving record checks providing money-saving insights.

Keep your workplace free of illicit substances by implementing pre-employment or random drug screening protocols.

Confirming the eligibility of your employees to work in the United States means avoiding costly problems in the future.

There are many reasons an employer may want some insight into a candidate’s financial history. Peopletrail provides comprehensive financial and credit check solutions.

Peopletrail provides DOT and non-DOT health screening solutions for employment to help ensure a candidate is capable of carrying out their job duties.

Your extended workforce includes vendors, contractors, consultants, alliance partners, and contingent workers that participate in your day-to-day.

C-level executives and upper management often require a more focused employment background screening solution.

Peopletrail provides employment screening services in over 200 counties worldwide.

The legalities surrounding employment screening are many. Peopletrail can assist with employer-side compliance to help keep you safe.

We provide a simple and efficient solution to your FBI background check needs.

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As part of the accredited elite, only Peopletrail® combines superior customer service and efficient, state-of-the-art technology integration to deliver on-demand, accurate, and timely consumer reporting results. With over 20 years of expertise, we work with organizations large and small across a wide range of industries. When you partner with Peopletrail, you work with a top background check company that is invested in your hiring success. We keep things simple, compliant, and effective.