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Identity Checks for Safer Hiring

Ensure compliance with the IRCA.

The Data:


The average American will use 3 different alias names throughout their lifetime.


The average American is expected to move 11.4 times in their lifetime. 


A large amount of criminal record data can only be retrieved with exact name matches. The use of nicknames or abbreviated names can be a way for candidates to hide their criminal past.

passports from different countries

Eliminate the uncertainty

with pre-hire identity checks.

Identity verification is often the first step in the background screening process. Not only does a comprehensive identity check verify name, date of birth, and social security information, but it also uncovers aliases as well as address records that help to paint a full picture. This information can be used to uncover buried criminal data and cross-reference records that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to tie to the responsible party. While identity screening reports don’t include financial or criminal data, they provide the initial insights necessary to help you know who you’re hiring, making them a key component to any comprehensive screening solution.

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A Common Misconception

It’s commonly thought that background checks somehow verify a candidate’s identity automatically. In reality, verifying an individual’s identity isn’t always so simple. The information received from the candidate such as name, date of birth, and social security number is used as a reference to verify and screen out large amounts of data pulled from information sources. Our expert researchers leverage technology as well as their expertise in order to refine this data and return complete, accurate results.

Our Process


Receive candidate information.


Dispatch the information to various secure databases.


Recieve and verify matching data using at least two key personal identifiers.


Perform quality control check for compliance.


Complete search within an hour of dispatch.

Balancing Security and Speed

There is more than one identity screening option to consider. We can advise you on the best course of action on the basis of your industry and needs.
We offer flexibility in our processes so you get fast results that are always in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Our identity background checks are thorough and work to reveal information that a candidate may try to hide.

Whether your candidate’s report includes identity screening information, criminal data, verifications, or drug-test results, you can always trust Peopletrail® to provide you with accurate, compliant information.

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