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Addressing Challenges Up-Front

At times, the background screening process can be a confusing and even frustrating experience for candidates. We make sure that’s not the case.

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Front-End Disclosures

Many companies don’t keep up-to-date disclosures or make necessary adjustments as regulations change. In fact, only about 35 percent of companies have front-end disclosures indicating to the candidate that they will be undergoing background screening or testing, such as drug tests, criminal record checks, or credit checks. Peopletrail can help facilitate these disclosures, ensuring compliance and process clarity.

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Background Screening Protocol

Even the most prepared candidate can experience anxiety and uncertainty when their personal information is being accessed by a third party, and ultimately, their future employer. We understand this and have implemented measures to keep things moving smoothly and efficiently while lending peace of mind to the candidate. Our process eliminates confusion and promotes the growth of trust between all parties.

Transparency and Flexibility

Peopletrail offers candidates a measure of control throughout the process to help them feel comfortable and confident. Here is the general process:

Once ordered, a dedicated Peopletrail researcher initiates the report and sends the candidate consent forms and disclosures to electronically sign.


All disclosures and forms clearly inform each candidate on what to expect. The contact information of the researcher processing their file is also provided.


Once the disclosures have been signed, the researcher is alerted and completes all elements of the report, communicating with the employer or applicant if the need arises.


Once the report is completed in its entirety, the employer is alerted. A copy of the report can be instantly sent to the applicant upon request


Candidates have the right to dispute information on their report within a certain timeframe following completion. We handle all disputes with the utmost professionalism and diligence.


When you partner with Peopletrail, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who oversees the completion of each and every report you initiate. As part of this oversight comes the availability for any questions or concerns that you or the candidate may have. Through a combination of intuitive technology and a human touch, we make the background screening process smooth and painless.

From a candidate’s perspective, the background screening provider is an extension of your organization. Make sure you choose a partner who can deliver the best possible experience.

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