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Social Media Screening for Safer Hiring

Because online interactions speak volumes.

The Data:


As of 2020, 223 million Americans were engaged on social media.


Studies show that people are more likely to express their legitimate sentiments on social media forums than in real life.


Research suggests that those who tend to act irrationally are more likely to demonstrate troublesome behavior online.

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Welcome to the Jungle

It’s no secret that social media is the preferred playground for most Americans young and old. Almost every candidate you come across will have a sizeable imprint on social media— an imprint that can provide valuable insights into their attitude, behavior, and character. Peopletrail can help you remain compliant while attaining necessary and relevant information from all major social media platforms. Our most basic social media screening searches include the following:

FCRA and EEOC compliant social media background screening

Comprehensive analysis of your candidate’s public posts using AI

Analysis of public posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more

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Compliance Is Key

For employers who wish to glean social media insights without employing the expertise of a trusted provider, there are certainly some risks. In some situations, it can be illegal to dig for information about a potential candidate online, basing hiring decisions on that information. In short, it can be very easy to breach laws if you are unaware of compliance rules and regulations. At Peopletrail, we are compliance experts who only deliver information you can make sound decisions on.

What We Look For

Social media can tell an important story, providing character insights that can’t be gathered in an interview. Use social media to identify key hires.
Professional Misconduct
Professional misconduct refers to situations where an employee behaves in a manner that is inappropriate in professional settings. Such behavior includes vocal and vicious criticism of an employer or co-worker harassment.
This behavior includes posts, comments, or affiliation to groups that are discriminatory in nature against individuals of a particular gender, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, political party, or other category.
Illegal Behavior
This refers to the final settlement of a case, whether the charges were dismissed, or the defendant was found guilty. The disposition will also contain sentencing and other information.
Violent Behavior
Certain online posts can indicate a violent nature or behavior. We look for posts or shares where a candidate encourages, engages in, or extols violent behavior. Such content can be a red flag for employers who seek to protect their employees.
Sexual Behavior
Overly sexual or explicit online content can reflect on an individual’s real-life character. In a world where sexual assault in the workplace is on the rise, it can be valuable to screen for such information before extending a job offer.

Catch hate speech, bullying, violence, harassment, and more before it makes its way into your workplace.

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