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Criminal Background Checks for Safer Hiring

Because workplace misconduct can often be avoided.

The Data:


Up to 78 percent of job seekers lie during the hiring process. Many of these lies have to do with an applicant’s criminal history.


Within three years of their release, two out of three former prisoners are rearrested and more than 50 percent are incarcerated again.


According to a SHRM report, 48 percent of HR professionals reported having had an incident of workplace violence at their organization.

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Criminal History Checks Reduce Workplace Risk

Many incidents of workplace violence, theft, or misconduct are carried out by individuals with a problematic history. Criminal background screening is an effective way to know who you are inviting to join your team. Moreover, when an applicant is aware they will be undergoing a criminal background check for employment, they are less likely to lie on their job application. Identifying and mitigating risky hires will help you protect your organization’s reputation, better secure valuable assets, and foster a feeling of safety among current employees.

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Not a One-Size Fits All

While most criminal screening reports consist of a social security trace, nationwide criminal database search, and county criminal records checks, there are a number of other sources of criminal data that can and should be accessed depending on employer needs. There is no single source of information when it comes to an individual’s criminal history. For this reason, a well-structured, customized solution is necessary for each and every organization. We are experts in tailoring criminal background screening solutions to your unique needs.

Our Process

Learn more about how Peopletrail keeps organizations compliant.


Receive candidate information.


Search criminal courts and repositories.


Verify data using at least two key personal identifiers.


Perform a detailed quality control check to ensure compliance.


Deliver you actionable insights in 1.6 business days (on average).

The More You Know

Here is a guide of terms commonly associated with a criminal background check.
This refers to the final settlement of a case. The disposition will contain sentencing and other information that adequately communicates the outcome.
This refers to finding an individual guilty of committing a crime. Depending on the state, not all conviction records can be used to make a hiring decision.
This refers to the final result of a lawsuit in which all charges get completely dropped. In some cases, however, dismissed records can still be used in a hiring decision.
Expungement refers to the complete removal of a record as if the arrest never took place. Expunged or sealed records cannot be used to make hiring decisions.
Deferred Adjudication
This is a plea type involving the dismissal of a case and all charges if the defendant complies with orders of community service, treatment, and probation.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act is federal legislation that regulates the collection and distribution of consumer information and must be observed by employers and CRAs.

Common Misconceptions

The following are the top 5 criminal background check myths and misconsptions we encounter:
  1. Felony records and federal records are the same. Learn more.
  2. A comprehensive criminal background check draws from a single source of information.
  3. Civil case information can be retrieved by searching the criminal courts.
  4. Fingerprint background checks mean better background checks.
  5. All background checks are the same.
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Reliable Results

Every criminal background check is completely customizable to fit your needs.
Our processes allow us to uncover more criminal activity in less time.
All of our criminal checks are thoroughly audited. We cross-reference and fact checks every bit of information, verifying it completely before passing the report on to you.
We follow all industry-specific rules and laws meaning all criminal background checks are FCRA compliant.
Our user-friendly and fully-integrated portal makes it easy for you to view and manage reports.

Standard Searches: Criminal Backround Checks for Employment

Our criminal background screening specialists search through jurisdictional court records in more than 3,340 counties in the United States. These records provide the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

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