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Fingerprint Background Checks

We facilitate the entire fingerprinting process from collection to reporting.

Fingerprint Screening:


Fingerprint background checks (or FBI background checks) are a search of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)


Fingerprinting is most commonly used when screening firearm buyers and federal, state, or local government employees


In 2022, a total of 31.6 million background checks were registered by the FBI

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Do You Require FBI Background Checks?

While the vast majority of organizations opt to source their screening data from the private sector (name-based screening), some are required to conduct fingerprint background checks on employees. Fingerprint background checks are ultimately fulfilled by the federal government as personal information is checked against the FBI’s NICS database. Peopletrail can oversee this process for organizations by facilitating fingerprint collections and tracking results.

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Fingerprint and Name-Based Checks in One Place

Many organizations have a need for both fingerprint background checks (FBI background checks) and name-based background checks. At Peopletrail, we can assist with both. With nearly 20 years of industry expertise providing background and drug screening solutions, we can customize a package that best suits your needs, allowing you to meet industry requirements and efficiently onboard your staff.

Our Process


We receive order request and candidate information.


We facilitate a fingerprint collection for the candidate.


Data is dispatched, and an NICS search is conducted.


Candidate receives results as the only authorized party.


Results can be easily uploaded to our Applicant Portal by the candidate and promptly communicated to the employer.

Solutions for Every Need

Fingerprint Scans
We facilitate fingerprint scan collections across the country
Fingerprint Cards
We provide mail-in fingerprint cards for on-site needs
FBI Screening
After collection, a search of the NICS federal database is initiated.
FINRA Fingerprinting
We offer fingerprint services specifically for the financial sector
Florida Fingerprinting
We provide specific services for Florida state departments and agencies
ATF Services
We offer firearm buyer screening solutions

What To Know

  1. While turnaround times vary, most fingerprint scans can be processed within a few days (in as little as 24 hours). Mail-in cards can take up to a few weeks to process.
  2. An FBI background check is a search of available criminal history (data contained within the NICS database) over an individual’s lifetime.
  3. Fingerprinting sessions only last about 10 minutes.
  4. Only the candidate can receive results.
  5. We provide a portal for candidates to upload their results for easy reporting to employers.

If your organization has FBI background check and/or name-based screening needs, we can happily provide you with a customized solution. Contact us for more information.

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