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Verifications for Safer Hiring

Because to some applicants, honesty is relative.

The Data:

According to a survey of recruiters and applicants, the most common lies told during the hiring process include…


Boasting graduation while still a few credit hours short: 40 percent


Holding a director title when the actual role was a manager or other equivalent: 41 percent


Working at a company longer than they did to avoid listing another employer: 50 percent

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Does Everything Check Out?

Everyone wants to look as good as possible on their resume. To some degree, most applicants will posture and wordsmith, toeing the line between truthful and slightly misleading. However, data shows that there are a significant number of candidates who explicitly present lies about themselves, their education, past employment, and qualification credentials. These lies can influence hiring decisions if not identified early on, affecting workplace dynamics in negative ways. Personal reference verifications and employment verifications can help sort out what’s true and what’s embellished.

Hiring manager reviewing three resumes trying to determine the best fit.

Go Beyond Verification of Dates

Employment verifications and other reference checks can be a great way to glean insights that would otherwise be unobtainable. Questions can be asked regarding the applicant’s workplace behavior, attitude, performance, and ability to work well with others. Such information, once obtained, can be leveraged and used as a comparison against your ideal employee persona, allowing you to better bridge the gap between reality and expectation.

Our Process


Receive candidate information.


Perform manual outreach to past employers or other references via phone and email.


If yet unverified after the initial attempt, our verifications specialists will continue with diligent follow-up.


Once the contact Is reached, detailed information is recorded given responses to a list of custom questions.


Our average turnaround for verifications is under three business days.

Helping Employers Do Their Due Diligence

Through Pre-Employment Verifications

Education Verifications
Peopletrail verifies high school diplomas as well as bachelor’s and advanced degrees, collecting information such as dates of enrollment, GPA, honors, and more.
Employment Verifications
Peopletrail verifies dates of employment, position, and other applicable information directly with the previous employer, helping better inform your hiring decision.
Professional References
Our screening specialists conduct a brief interview with applicant-reported professional contacts, asking customized questions that are tailored to your needs.
Personal References
Much like professional reference checks, these verifications are carried out manually using customized questions, providing key insights to hiring managers.
Immunization & Medical
Peopletrail provides the necessary verification of immunization and medical records to keep certain employers compliant with industry requirements.
Residence & Landlord
Residence/Landlord Verifications are a manual check of previous landlords or property managers to verify residence, payment, and other tenant-related information.

Peopletrail solutions help you make confident hiring decisions, improve your team’s productivity, accelerate your recruitment time, and enhance the candidate experience.

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