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Because proper tenant screening is more than just a credit check.

Service Overview

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Homeowners and property managers alike open themselves up to risk every time a new tenant steps under their umbrella. There are many people looking for a place to live, and not all are easy to handle. Poor tenant screening practices can give rise to issues such as nonpayment of rent, breaking of rules, destruction of property, illegal use of home/property, and disruption to neighbors. In addition, problem tenants may initiate lawsuits upon eviction, creating undue stress and financial setbacks.

Property Managers, Meet the Peopletrail Tenant Scorecard

The Peopletrail Tenant Scorecard is designed to provide maximum flexibility to each property manager. Credit, criminal, and eviction data is all housed intuitively within a single report. This information is used to determine a score for your prospective tenant, according to pre-established criteria. This combination of comprehensive data sources and customizable scoring criteria means property owners can decrease delinquency and increase profitability.

The utilization of Peopletrail’s tenant scorecard will allow you to fill vacancies with confidence. Here are some more reasons why Peopletrail is trusted by many in the property management industry:

  • Every report is scrubbed and reviewed by trained professionals before completion
  • Peopletrail has access to various proprietary and public databases for rapid turnaround
  • All data sources are regularly checked for accuracy
  • Adverse information and red flags are always double-checked for accuracy
  • In-house random auditing by quality control staff is a standard practice
  • We carry two decades of experience providing consumer reports on tenants

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