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Background Screening for Volunteers

Maintain the integrity of your non-profit organization.

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The aim of any non-profit organization is to make communities safer while enriching the lives of those they serve. Part of this effort is encouraging upright, responsible individuals to join the ranks, working in a volunteer capacity. At Peopletrail, we believe in your mission and we believe in you which is why we are here to help you onboard individuals who share your ideals and desire to bring about positive change.

Don’t Trust Blindly

When it comes to onboarding volunteers, regardless of the capacity, the age-old adage, “trust is earned, not given” rings particularly true. Many non-profit organizations feel they don’t need to screen their volunteers because of an assumption of character. While most people are acting with genuine goodwill, this isn’t always the case. For this reason, volunteer background screening is crucially important for any non-profit organization. While such screening may necessitate additional time and effort, it significantly mitigates risk and protects vulnerable parties.

Peopletrail has a deep commitment to ensuring that every organization finds the right solution for its unique needs. We have initiated thousands of volunteer criminal checks for churches, charities, youth programs, camps, social clubs, and other foundations. Volunteer criminal screening not only protects organizations from damaging litigation but works to uphold a higher, safer standard.

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