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Nationwide Database Search

Casting a Wide Net

The truth is, the most accurate criminal information is found in localized courthouses. But in a country with over 3000 counties, searching just a select few can create some holes. For this reason, Data Providers have gathered together courthouse records from multiple sources, combining them into a unified database that can be accessed by background screening companies like Peopletrail, adding some peripheral to an otherwise narrow line of vision.

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Common Questions

The nationwide criminal database is a pool of data collected from thousands of courthouses around the country. In addition to criminal information, a nationwide database search will verify data against the national sex offender registry, terrorist watchlist, and a number of other exclusions databases.

No. The nationwide database is not a verified source of information. Although, it does help to uncover possible records in jurisdictions where an applicant has never lived or worked. Once a hit is uncovered in the database, it will need to be verified at the county level.

Proprietary and third-party data collectors gather county criminal report information to the nationwide database. However, some are more deliberate and diligent at doing so. For this reason, the nationwide database can, at times, bear inaccurate or incomplete information.

No. The results of a nationwide criminal database search cannot lawfully be reported without first being verified by an up-to-date court record.

The results of this search are returned instantly.

An Important Part of Every Background Check

While not intended as a stand-alone search, a check of the nationwide database provides valuable insights that can uncover otherwise buried information on a candidate. At the end of the day, the nationwide database search is a fundamental component of almost every sound background check.