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Why is it important to be PBSA accredited?

Why is it important to be PBSA accredited?
Why is it important to be PBSA accredited?

Learn about why is it important to be PBSA accredited?

Why is it important to be PBSA accredited? Each year millions of background checks are demanded by employers across the US. Data shows that incomplete and unfit background screenings often cause FCRA lawsuits that cost millions of dollars to employers.

A legally compliant and thorough background screening process cannot be disregarded in such a scenario. HR departments that understand the nitty-gritty of hiring trustworthy employees to utilize services of a specialized background screening provider or a CSA (Consumer Reporting Agency) to assist them in complying with rapidly changing regulations.

So, as an employer, how do you gauge that your background screening service provider is adhering to all applicable laws? And most importantly, are you taking steps to safeguard your company’s interests?

A significant method to evaluate the reliability and perseverance of a background screening service provider or CSA is to verify whether they have a PBSA or a Professional Background Screening Association Accreditation status.

Why is it important to be PBSA accredited?

Role of PBSA

PBSA facilitates the promotion of and ensures ethical practices in the consumer reporting and background check industry through a program known as BSAAP or the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program.

Rigorously defined, this program lays out stringent requirements that a background screening service provider must adhere to, in order to obtain the PBSA accreditation seal.

Such requirements comprise of a commitment to sustain and deliver a supreme level of standards laid by the industry in significant areas that include:

  • Information Security
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Client Education
  • Researcher and Data Standards
  • Verification Services Standards
  • Business Practices

Significance of a PBSA Accreditation

Qualified firms that operate in the field of employee background checks are required to establish a comprehensive record of policies and procedures in place to offer educational material, services, and compliance expertise to their respective customers and the communities they cater to. 

Such policies are required to match against meticulous, on and off-site multi-part audits, and must align with different standards that are put forward by the NAPBS.

Simply put, choosing a certified background screening provider assists in mitigating risks as their excellent business practices pave way for secure, ethical, and lawful screening.

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Shows Dedication

The entire procedure for authorization requires time and financial resources. To commit to this process, the organization is required to go through the detailed analysis in the following 6 areas of evaluation:

  • Consumer Protection
  • Legal Compliance
  • Client Education
  • Researcher and Data Product Standards
  • Verification Service Standards
  • General Business Practices

Although many organizations desire to be accredited, the stringent accreditation procedures ensure that only the best can earn this esteemed certification. 

Indicates Transparency 

At the beginning of the accreditation process, organizations that wish to obtain certification should be prepared to open up to the inspection of the challenging PBSA standards. 

Each aspect, be it legal compliance or customer relations, is required to be scrutinized and reviewed. That type of willing accountability is what makes accredited companies, different from the rest.  

Reflects Confidence

Being accredited signifies confidence. Receiving an NAPBS seal equals to proving the organization’s worth to a trusted group of professionals. When clients agree to work with a background screening services provider, they are selecting not only a high level of excellence but also enjoy the benchmarks laid by PBSA.

We hope you had a good jest for why is it important to be PBSA accredited? In a nutshell, PBSA accreditation creates a clear distinction between good service providers and the excellent ones.

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