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Does it Make Sense to Screen or Rescreen Seasonal Workers?

Does it Make Sense to Screen or Rescreen Seasonal Workers?

Should you screen seasonal workers you hire? Old wisdom says that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The present situation is a perfect demonstration of this adage, as the entire country and the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Does it Make Sense to Screen or Rescreen Seasonal Workers?

Businesses, corporations, conglomerates, and individual employers are all becoming conscientious with their hiring process, choosing to pick only the best candidates to bolster their business. Accordingly, job candidates are also learning to be more persistent and resilient, stepping up their game during these challenging times.

Here, employers often count on pre-employment screenings to ensure that future employees do not threaten the safety and security of their business. But if there’s one type of employee that threatens to slip through the cracks, it is the temporary or seasonal employee.

If you (re)hire seasonal workers on a regular basis, you might be tempted to do away with the otherwise mandatory background check. After all, they have successfully passed a background check in the past, right? And yet, is this decision wise, or in the best interests of your company? Here are 5 reasons to reconsider.

1.     Employment theft

Here is some nation-wide statistics on-ground reality:

  • In 2015, the retail industry lost a whopping 44 billion dollars due to theft.
  • Of this, more than one-third was attributed to in-house employees.

Now consider which sort of employee is more likely to be loyal – the one who is committed to working at your business all year round, or the one who only works there part-time.

Regardless, seasonal employees are as susceptible to performing mistakes as new employees, and hence worthy of regular screenings.

2.     Change is constant

People change, their habits change, and so do their personalities. Just because a person was found worthy of employment last year, it may be unwise to exclude him or her from screening this year. What if you are hiring for a driver’s role and they have earned a DUI this year? This kind of situation can also be dangerous to your clients and your company’s credibility.

3.     Updated HR policies

Consider that you had a drug menace with an (ex) employee this year, resulting in renewed HR policies. Now when a seasonal hire returns, he or she may have developed habits that are not in line with your updated policies. A background check can help uncover this truth.

Also, employers are sometimes known to increase the responsibilities of seasonal workers, when they return the following year. This too warrants a fresh screening.

4.     Background checks can be quick and inexpensive

Cost and time are often the main culprits that deter employers from screening seasonal employers. But did you know that a basic criminal background check can be done in less than 3 days, at a nominal cost, by an expert screening company? When you consider pre-employment screenings as a necessary process to maintain the safety of your workplace and all its employees, this is definitely worth it.

5.     Non-discriminatory company practice

As an employer, in order to screen seasonal workers, FCRA guidelines mandate that you do not discriminate between employees, based on several factors (like race, color, gender, disability, etc.). These are in place, to protect the best interests of all working professionals, including the employer and all employees. Adding seasonal workers to this mix is a good way to enhance the fair and non-discriminatory nature of your company. 

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