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Peopletrail’s Top 5 ATS of 2023

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To an HR professional, the letters “HRIS” and “ATS” need no explanation. However, to the average person, there can be a bit of confusion between the two.

Human Resource Management Systems (HRIS) combine a number of systems and allow for the simple management of several HR processes, mostly post-hire. These processes include payroll, benefits employee management, performance management, and more. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) work primarily with candidates in the recruitment phase. 

A good ATS simplifies the talent acquisition process, ensuring peak efficiency and offering different features that cater to different companies’ needs. As a background screening company with a focus on technology, we work with hundreds of different HR systems, creating custom integrations for our clients. In this article, we will focus specifically on ATS; however, some of these technologies we will mention also act as an HRIS, providing a full suite of functionality.

Here are five ATS  we would recommend to those seeking a change in 2023 (in no particular order):

Peopletrail’s Top 5 ATS of 2023



Workday is a popular system due to its comprehensive packages allowing complete HR system integration. Workday is often touted for the simplicity of its layout, combining personnel management and financial components into one system. Workday’s ATS features provide an intuitive pre-hire workflow and a number of handy tools that other systems don’t quite have.

Who is Workday best for?: Those seeking a robust, intuitive, all-in-one HR system solution.

Bamboo HR

BambooHR is a system that prioritizes flexibility, allowing companies to pick what they want at a price that works for them. BambooHR offers a smooth and user-friendly onboarding interface with features extending far past the hiring phase. This system is also strong in the support category, offering quality call-in support during business hours.

Who is Bamboo HR best for?: Those who want to pick and choose their system features and experience greater flexibility.


Founded in 2020, UKG is doing quite well in the ATS race, given its relatively brief history. With revenues well into the billions, there is a reason many organizations are making the switch to UKG. Some of UKG’s standout features include robust internal reporting and cross-department communication capabilities. Goal setting is also very effective within this system, making it easy for organizations to broaden their business objectives.

Who is UKG best for?: Organizations that place heavy importance on communication and workforce culture.

Jazz HR

Jazz HR is a smaller organization than the aforementioned Titans. However, this can have its upside when it comes to support and agility. Jazz HR is a forward-thinking HR system that allows organizations to benefit from comprehensive functionality at a reasonable cost and with relative ease. It is worth mentioning that Jazz HR is primarily a recruitment software (ATS) and doesn’t offer the breadth of features that others on this list do.

Who is Jazz HR best for?: Those who want to get their recruitment processes up and running quickly and efficiently.


Like Jazz HR, iCIMS is primarily dialed into the hiring process, focusing on competing squarely in that space instead of off-shooting into other things. iCIMS has been around for over two decades and has certainly made a name for itself as a long-trusted and capable ATS platform. iCIMS was among the first to streamline processes by utilizing cloud environments, giving it the reputation of a forward-thinking HR software company.

Who is iCIMS best for?: Companies looking for a tried and tested solution, particularly those that hire in high volumes.


A good ATS takes the pressure off internal teams and gives hiring managers more accessibility to the resources they need. However, just because one system works well for one organization does not mean it works well for another. As with anything, it’s important to put in diligent effort when choosing the right one for your needs.

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