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Peopletrail Is Formally Recognized for Customer Satisfaction

Peopletrail makes HRO Baker's Dozen customer satisfaction rankings list.

The HRO Baker’s Dozen lists are out and Peopletrail once again sits within the top 5 of the overall midsize program pre-employment screening leaders category.

These customer satisfaction ratings are determined entirely by feedback from customers of the participants. In order to determine an overall ranking, results across three subcategories are analyzed– service breadth, deal size, and quality of service. This is accomplished through online surveys that are distributed directly to organizations.

Once data is received, results are determined algorithmically– providing statistically-valid insights to organizations around the world that can be helpful in their RFP and vendor selection processes.

HRO Today is a true authority in the human resources space with an extensive reach to HR leaders, making the annual Baker’s Dozen list tremendously valuable to screening vendors and HR departments alike.

Peopletrail COO, Byan Jensen, had this to say about the recognition:

“Of all the things for Peopletrail to be formally recognized for, customer satisfaction tops the list. In our industry, customer satisfaction goes far beyond support alone and is influenced by compliance, technology, security, and most importantly, long-term results. To be on the HRO Bakers Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings list for our 7th consecutive year means we are doing the right things as we continue to work towards becoming the best overall screening company.”

Peopletrail strives to provide the best possible client and candidate experiences. As a leading background screening partner, responsive human expertise is just one of the ways Peopletrail helps organizations build a dependable workforce.

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