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Hiring processes have changed over the years. In the fast-moving digital world, you need to learn the digital footprint of your future employees. Get a thorough social media background check done and gain protection at the next level.


Peopletrail®, a leading US-based consumer reporting agency, providing advanced background checks and pre-employment screening solutions globally, announces a new AI-powered social media background screening product for small and medium-sized businesses.

As a leading consumer reporting firm, Peopletrail makes ordering a background check more secure, accessible, and flexible for our clients. Peopletrail’s AI-powered software tool examines employees and candidates who have exhibited undesirable behavior online. This new system analyzes both text and images from a subject’s social media profiles.

Almost every candidate you come across will have a sizable imprint on social media. Usually, this appears in the form of a variety of accounts over several platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. These social media accounts serve as a valuable resource for gaining information about an applicant’s attitude, beliefs, and behavior. You can learn a lot about checking a candidate’s social media activity.

The sheer depth of this information makes it necessary to use the services of a background screening company like Peopletrail. It can be difficult, and in some situations even illegal, to dig for information about a potential candidate and base hiring decisions on that information. It can be very easy to violate state and/or federal laws if you are unaware of compliance rules and regulations.

Professional background screening services, like Peopletrail, can help you navigate the compliance landscape while attaining necessary and relevant information about a candidate’s behavior and beliefs.

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