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Hiring in the Post-Pandemic World

Learn about background check information for hot industries during COVID-19 and hiring in the Post-Pandemic world

Hiring in a post-pandemic world isn’t an everyday thing. Different industries have distinct background and verification check needs that are essential for making safe hires. During the COVID-19 crisis, some industries are booming, and some are not doing as well. For the sectors that are flourishing, we are hiring a record number of employees to meet the increasing demand. 

In our view, and due to the current circumstances, the following industries and segments of the economy are thriving and will continue to thrive even after the pandemic waves lower down. 

  • E-Commerce retailers
  • Robotics
  • Virtual meetings
  • Freezer and more refreshing supply chain
  • E-Learning
  • Online fitness
  • Video games
  • Home grocery delivery
  • Retail
  • Legal services
  • Financial services

The boom in these sectors has caused a rapid influx of workforce to meet the increasing demand. Recruiters have the challenge of hiring safely in these challenging times. Hence it is critical to make sure that businesses are screening all new applicants when performing large batch hiring. 

Hiring in the Post-Pandemic World

What do companies and HR professionals of specific industries need to know before they start hiring in the post-pandemic world?

  • Credential & Licensing: Confirm that all your candidates have the licenses and credentials they require to perform their daily jobs.
  • Credit background check: Ensure that an environment of trust is created among workers by first getting proper credit history information on every relevant applicant.
  • Criminal records history: Go over the accurate criminal history of the candidates you plan to pick to ensure your current employees are not at risk.
  • Driving & Motor vehicle screening. If you are hiring new drivers for pick up and delivery in the COVID times, obtain accurate driving records from the many Department of Motor Vehicles departments where the applicants have served in the past. In case your organization is administered by the Department of Transportation (DOT), it is mandatory that you perform a driving record background check on your employees before and after you hire them.
  • Drug and alcohol test: Pre-Employment drug testing is required by the federal authorities, your industry, as well as your organizational drug testing policy. Hire a reliable drug screening provider to make sure there are no errors.
  • Education background checks verification: Education background checks are critical and catch applicants lying about their academic achievements. Lessen the risk of hiring unqualified and untruthful candidates through this background check.
  • Employment verification: An applicant’s past work experience is something the HR professionals look into to ensure the candidate is a good fit for future job responsibilities. However, to get a better compensation package, some applicants submit manipulated employment experience information.
  • I-9 & E-Verify Background Checks: All businesses must verify the “right to work” status of newly hired workers. An I-9 and E Verify check help companies to hire applicants who have a legal right to work in the United States. Federal law requires that employers retain copies of I-9 forms for all employees. 
  • Identity Verification & Address History: Many employers utilize this information to determine if the applicant has truthfully supplied all relevant residential address history on the employment application. Addresses revealed by the Social Security Number verification, but not supplied by an applicant, may be used to expand a criminal record search. These undisclosed addresses may lead to a criminal conviction record the applicant has attempted to shield from a prospective employer.
  • Reference Verification: Get your new hires verified from the primary source of their previous employment and maintain confidence in hiring them.
  • Sex offender status: A registered sex offender likely isn’t a safe hire for your company. Don’t forget to get this checked. 

By performing the checks mentioned above, you as an employer can be confident you are following safe hiring practices. 

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