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5 Employee Screening Benefits only Peopletrail® provides

Employee Screening Benefits You Can't Ignore | Peopletrail®

Employee screening advantages you can’t ignore.

Pre-employment screening services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is different and has different screening requirements. Not all background check companies offer the same benefits. Before hiring any screening provider, make sure you go over these five employee screening benefits.


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#1 |  We are among 2% of the CRA’s accredited by PBSA in the US

Yes, that is right, and we are excited to share this fact which is also a crucial employee screening benefit. Peopletrail is amongst the 2% accredited agencies in the US. The importance of hiring an accredited screening provider is something not many human resource professionals would know. The PBSA Accreditation is critical while considering your background check provider. PBSA Accreditation means consumer protection for your candidates, a commitment to best practices, and compliance with state and federal laws. Each year, U.S. employers request millions of background checks for new hires. Out of these, due to improper background check practices, thousands of FCRA lawsuits are filed, and employers, in turn, have paid out millions of dollars in fines.

For all the Utah businesses, our background checks surpass all employee screening benefits. Peopletrail Headquartered in Utah and is proud to tell our clients that we are the only PBSA Accredited consumer reporting agency in Utah.


Our local audience enjoys our screening benefits as we are the only PBSA accredited company in Salt Lake.
Peopletrail® is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, also known as the Western tech hub.


#2 | Pre-Employment Screening Solutions With Actionable Insight®

Peopletrail introduced the concept of Actionable Insights® many years ago, securing the rights to make us unique. When companies order background checks, they rely entirely on the service provider and the quality, accuracy, and compliance of the information provided. When we say Actionable Insights®, we mean organizing data to assist the hiring manager in their job responsibilities. We organize information so the hiring manager can make better and informed decisions. Our Actionable Insight® and detailed reports help businesses understand the perspective and position of their candidates in a more convenient way. We also include recommendations from our expert dedicated account managers.

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#3 | We believe in the Human Touch

Peopletrail is one of the few companies whose focus is on entering ‘people into the process”. We know the myriad of complex background systems, whether automated or archaic, difficult to navigate, but we never completely reply to auto-generated background information. Our dedicated account managers manually review the information and scrub out incorrect data and add important recorded insights that others may not include. We filter out unwanted and irrelevant information, so it saves time for our client decision-makers.


Have an employee screening benefit by having a quick turnaround time
Faster than the industry average time


#4 | 1.6 Day Turn-Around Time for hand searched records

‘Background check turnaround time’ is a critical employee screening benefit for employers. Did you know that most background checks’ industry average turnaround time is between 3-5 business days? The turnaround time can be even longer, depending on additional screening factors. The depth of the search can affect screening turn-around times. The geographical location of your candidates or county courthouse operations also affects these times. Because of our amazing relationships with court officials, Peopletrail has exceptional turnaround times averaging 1.6 business days. This timeframe includes country records examinations while database searches are instant.


#5 | 99.5% Client Retention Rate

Peopletrail has been serving our clients since 1994. We have seen decades folding up and experienced the changing industry and rising customer expectations. Our strength is our vast client base of 30,000+ businesses. We refuse to give our clients any reasons to leave. The secret sauce behind the 99.% customer retention rate is our commitment to Actionable insight®, the human touch, along with the most advanced modern technology in the industry.


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We are different in a good way. We help businesses make better hiring decisions. Our goal is to assist companies in hiring the safest available resources, bringing value for the long term. 



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