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Random Drug Testing

Promote a Drug-Free Workplace

In a recent survey conducted by American Addiction Centers, 10 percent of participants admitted to misusing Oxycotin or Vicodin at work. Additionally, around 8 percent of those surveyed admitted to misusing Codeine, Adderall, or Ritalin in the workplace.

Substance misuse on the job can create considerable problems no matter the line of work– and unfortunately, workplace drug use is becoming more prevalent.

Many employers have established formal drug-free workplace policies to combat the growing trend and have implemented random drug testing programs to discourage drug misuse and address active issues among their staff.

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Common Questions

Processes differ slightly depending on whether or not the tests are DOT mandated. However, both processes will follow the same general format:

1. Peopletrail works with each organization to determine processes and timelines for creating random drug testing pools and facilitating collections.

All random pools are created using a statistically-valid random generator program. Once the selections are made, the Designated Employer Representative (DER) is notified and the testing process is started.

2. Peopletrail will work with the DER to ensure employee lists remain up-to-date. This usually involves receiving qualified lists of individuals at regular intervals.

3. We will then facilitate the sample collection, oversee the lab testing/MRO process (when applicable), and report the results through our online platform as usual.

If random drug screening is DOT-mandated, there are specific procedures and standards that must be observed. The specifics will depend on the governing DOT agency. For questions about best DOT random drug testing practices for your organization, reach out to us.

For non-DOT-mandated random drug testing programs, the size of screening pools is entirely up to the employer. Most of our clients randomly screen between 20 and 30 percent of their workforce per year, on average.

Again, for DOT-mandated random screening, the DOT agency will create the standard.

For all other situations, we recommend creating random selection pools on a quarterly basis.

Each state has its own random drug testing laws. It’s important for every employer to know the laws that apply to them.

While Peopletrail cannot offer legal advice, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. 

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In some cases, it may be necessary for Peopletrail drug screening specialists to come on-site and perform random drug test collections.

Peopletrail can also provide screening equipment to the employer (such as instant saliva kits) and help establish and facilitate an internal collection process.


A random drug testing program can help employers in their efforts to build and maintain a healthy, productive work environment. However, implementing such a program can prove challenging at times. Peopletrail’s team of experienced drug screening specialists is ready to help define, implement, and effectively manage the process for your organization. Reach out to us today and learn more about how we can help.