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Background Screening Services For Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Professionals

Peopletrail specializes in background screening services for Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations professionals.

During the economic recession after the pandemic, the PR, advertising, and marketing sectors were most affected. Due to the many positions that were left vacant, most organizations are striving to fill them with the most capable and skilled candidates who meet the set standards and qualifications. Therefore, entrusting a highly recommended company to conduct accurate screening to all prospective employees is vital in building a stable workforce and moving the right direction towards filling these positions.

Background Screening Services For Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Professionals

Several critical services require more scrutiny to guarantee the success of a recruitment exercise in the PR, marketing, and advertisement department. Peopletrail ensures that your organization has recruited the most qualified and skilled candidates on your team through careful screening and background checks for all applicants. By critically analyzing each applicant and utilizing digital solutions for accuracy, you can rest assured of a team that will be loyal to your brand and its clients.

Social media background check

Almost every person has a digital footprint across different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many others, to name a few. Our primary focus is to conduct an in-depth check on a person’s history to determine their beliefs, attitude, and behavior. Social media provides access to an individual’s online presence, substantiating your final decision regarding their employment.

Previous employment history

The highly skilled team at Peopletrail follows up a candidate’s resume information to determine the accuracy and reputation during their previous employment. This covers the applicant’s previous employment and other vital areas relevant to the credibility and viability of a particular candidate.

The primary purpose of a previous employment screening process is to access an individual’s criminal record, education background, credit history, drug history, and social media use. Depending on the specific requirement of the position, a background check may involve different assessment areas to ensure that the candidates meet the correct standards.

Credit information assessment

A credit background check is also standard for most organizations recruiting applicants in marketing, advertisement, and PR since it informs the employer of a person’s financial history and credit worth. Since these positions involve dealing with finances for both the company and the clients, this type of background check covers tax liens, civil judgment, payment history, and unpaid bills, among other financial queries.

Assessment of updated licenses and certification

Positions in PR, marketing, and advertisement usually require a licensed Check to determine that an applicant satisfies the set qualifications and regulations to hold a particular position. As a credited background screening service for advertising, we assess certifications to assert the credibility and qualifications that a person has in that field.

Unfortunately, most people lack updated licenses which can threaten an organization’s credibility and quality of service. Therefore, our primary focus is to ensure that all applicants have valid updated licenses under the rules and regulations of the governing body.

Having a team cleared to work in the PR, marketing and advertisement relieves you of all the anxiety of going against the law. It also ensures that your brand gains the traction it deserves without compromising the code of ethics in these vital fields.

Leading digital marketing companies feel more secure when the team they have chosen to work within their advertisement, PR, and marketing department can improve a client’s experience through personalized solutions. Therefore, consulting a reliable third party to enhance your vetting process ensures that your organization achieves the set goals and objectives through specialized background screening services. It is essential to ensure that you contract a specialized team to be aware of state and federal regulations regarding background checks for potential employers.

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