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Team Building Activities for Startups & Small Businesses

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Team Building Activities for Startups & Small Businesses

No one likes a cold team where members barely know one another. You always want your team to be motivated and collaborative, and a dysfunctional team could lead to conflicts. This is why team building activities are a fantastic way to help colleagues mesh with each other. In startups and small businesses, this is particularly important, as everyone has more responsibilities. Even one team member not doing their job can set the whole business back significantly. Let us take a look at some fun activities you can do with your team!

Fun Team Building Activities to Try Today

Board games are one of the easier ways to help teams get to know one another. Try to find a board game that allows for many players. Monopoly is a prevalent example that allows more than four players. As long as there are enough tokens and banknotes to go around, any amount of people can join. Teams can also play other board games like Uno. No one can hate Uno, and a pack of cards can be taken with you anywhere. All you need is a table to sit down at and play. Board games help loosen people up, and they can get to know each other better from there.

Two truths and a lie is another great way to help team members know each other more. Each player takes turns telling three facts about themselves, but one of them is a lie. The others will have to guess which one is the lie. Those who know the others more will be at an advantage. The longer the game goes on, the more your workers are bound to know each other better. They might discover hobbies and passions in common, and that helps them plan their own activities together.

Trivia is a rather simple game to play since it requires very little publication. Workers can split up into smaller teams, around three or four teams. This allows for fiercer friendly competition and makes things more exciting. You also do not need to head to restaurants and bars for trivia night since you can hold it in the office. Rotating topics will keep the fun going and prevent any unfair advantages. Everyone knows a lot about something, so that knowledge might come in handy!

Small startups can also enjoy video game night. Party video games are extremely entertaining and are bound to let everyone enjoy themselves. These games are designed to be easy to pick up and play. Some games are already available on mobile phones, but if one of your team members has a Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of titles to choose from. Something like Mario Party or Super Smash Bros. will work.

Not into Games? Not a problem!

Other than simple activities, there are also other ways to build up a team. They can be outdoors or held outside the office. These are often better for more participants as well.

What is better than a company dinner other than a cookout? Very few things, but cookouts are great! Instead of spending more money on fancier establishments, startups can still enjoy delicious food in a home or other gathering place. If a home can hold a small team, it is a great place to make dinner and have a good time. A casual environment allows workers to relax and enjoy themselves more. Tasty food only makes this easier.

Organizing a hiking trip is another idea. Hikes can be long or short, depending on the trail, and even a short hike helps everyone destress. Natural settings are naturally calming and relaxing, so picnics are in order. Make sure you get some bug spray before a hike!

Karaoke is another popular pastime in Asian countries. Singing naturally relaxes people so that it will make for a wonderful team-building event. Often, employees in Asian companies like to go to karaoke establishments on Friday nights. These places often have rooms for different parties, so there will not be any clashing songs. In European and American regions, karaoke machines can be found in bars and restaurants.

Technology startups and small businesses can unleash their geeky or technophile sides with multiplayer VR games. These are available in special venues and often require the team to work together. Pick a game everyone agrees on, and then start playing!

Wanting to Strengthen Your Team?

What do you think about these team building activities? If you want to join a small business and startup and a background check is mandatory, you can get one from a reliable company. If you get hired after a check, you will have fun with your new team’s similar activities!


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