You seek talent that is trained and licensed to do their job. Shouldn’t you hold that same high standard to the company that provides your employee background checks?

Credibility isn’t an attribute that is purchased through an educational program or framed in a certificate as a member of an industry.  Credibility is a personal or corporate evaluation of trusted and accurate performance over time.  It is hard earned.  It is evaluated under a microscope constantly.  And it is an honor to maintain it over the years.

Peopletrail® is credible.  Our guaranteed timely turnaround, with accuracy levels higher than industry standards, set us apart from the majority as a credible source of background and screening services.

Our experience in the industry provides the knowledge necessary to address your unique circumstances and needs.

Our NAPBS accreditation and association with industry leading organizations, establishes a strong foundation with ongoing resources for us to maintain the honor of being a credible leader in the background check and screening service industry.

Peopletrail Background Checks