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Must-Do’s During the Applicant Onboarding Process

Must-Do’s During the Applicant Onboarding Process


Recruiting new employees is one thing, but it is another hurdle entirely to retain them and to manage the applicant onboarding process. When a new employee joins your organization, you have a concise time giving them a good first impression. Applicant onboarding is critical in sharing your business’ culture and ensuring your new employees feel confident in their employment choice.

SHRM – Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success


This probably seems like the most obvious related point to the applicant onboarding process, but no employee wants to be given a run around during the applicant’s onboarding process. Make sure you have all of the applicant onboarding paperwork prepared ahead of time. Please have a basic new employee packet ready to go and ensure that your new employees are told before they start what the paperwork will entail. The organization is key here.


Must-Do’s During the Applicant Onboarding Process


New Employee Engagement

You want your new employee to feel welcome and making them feel like part of the team will make them want to stay. Before they start, you should write them an official welcome letter or email so that they understand you are excited to bring them on board. This will make them feel appreciated from the very beginning.

Employee Culture Information & Application Onboarding Process

Make sure you share your mission statement and company values upfront. This gives your applicant an idea of what kind of business they are coming into. It also helps you ensure you are hiring people with similar values and will help your organization move forward. You can also let new applicants know about the company’s history and any notable people that have come from the agency on these topics.

Employee Benefits and Programs

Providing information on employee benefits from the start is essential for getting your employee started on a good note. Giving this in a comprehensive packet shows that you are organized and care about your new employees.

Also, let applicants know about any extra programs you have available to employees. For example, if you have monthly birthday lunches, a book club, or similar events, these will show a more close-knit culture than other agencies. This also gives them a chance to network and create connections with other employees or new applicants.


Even though you may believe you have covered all of the information you could, your new employees may still have additional questions and concerns. Assure your applicants during the onboarding process to come to you with any questions they may have. This creates good communication and makes your new applicants feel comfortable in their new position.


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