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Top Trends in Employment Screening For 2020

This article covers the latest trends in employment screening. The repercussions of hiring decisions made on ‘gut feel’ can lead to unpleasant scenarios. A bad hire can not only cause financial, physical, and psychological harm to the company, but also increases litigation costs, hiring costs, and cause issues among co-workers.

We will be discussing the following trends in employment screening:

trends in employment screening

A rigid screening process eliminates such problems. Employment screening promotes a safe work environment, prevents undesirable candidates, lowers the risk of lawsuits, aids in following local laws, helps to create a drug-free workplace, and much more.

Now that 2020 is here, employers must be ready to comply with fresh developments taking place in the world of employment screening. That will help them make the most of the opportunity to acquire the most deserving talent. Here is a summary of important trends that are likely to prevail in 2020.

Leverage Power of AI

According to employers, the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning and automation is making screening more reliable and unbiased. Automation also aids in boosting the quality of hiring, thereby improving the candidate experience and reducing the time taken to hire. Nonetheless, the implementation of AI in the screening process is still in a nascent stage.

Gig Workers Taken ‘Seriously’

In 2020, it is anticipated that businesses which comprise of gig workers will undertake more rigid background checks coupled with continuous screening and constant monitoring. The trend took its wings since consumers started complaining about being harmed by gig workers.

In one of the most alarming cases of Uber, a safety report by Transportation Network Company, the United States unveiled thousands of sexual assaults during Uber rides from 2017 onwards. A similar pattern was observed in the case of Lyft, where TNC accumulated over a hundred sexual assault complaints about a two-year period.

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Ban on Salary History Related Questions

According to recent reports, there are currently 15 statewide bans and 11 local bans on asking salary-related questions. The ban on such questions was initiated to bridge the gap between the salaries of males and females doing similar degrees of work. More local, as well as state governments, are expected to adopt the protocol. The ultimate aim is to cut pay discrimination and focus on discovering applicants with accurate skills and qualifications to perform the job in the most efficient manner.

Second Chance to Ex-Offenders

In the year 2020, there will be a specialized emphasis on “Ban the Box” laws and second-chance programs that aid in providing ex-offenders in the US with a prior criminal record a fair opportunity to find job opportunities subsequent to leaving prison. The importance of this is revealed by the fact that there are 70 million people in the United States that have a former arrest or conviction record.

PSBA to Enhance its Footprint

In 2020, Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), which is a revered non-profit trade association that represents the background screening industry is expected to put forth their footprint globally as international background checks become more extensive every year. 

A well designed and efficiently managed employment screening program can trim down corporate risks and enhance business results. It is therefore recommended that you should hire experienced service providers that guarantee a comprehensive screening process that serve companies’ unique needs and objectives. 

The latest trends in employment screening demands comprehensive and thorough background checks.

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