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The Next Big Thing in Background Investigation

Currently, the entire world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused the process of conducting background checks to be difficult. However, HR companies are learning to adapt to the situation with the help of new solutions. The next big thing in background investigation is the implementation of technology to support background checks.

Are Technologies the Next Big Thing in Background Investigation?

What technologies can command this much attention? Some of them are based on machine learning or artificial intelligence. Using cloud technology for background checks can be very effective, and tracking systems are now used to analyze many candidates without consuming unnecessary resources.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used in applicant tracking systems. These systems are helpful to HR teams as wading through large groups of candidates can take a lot of time. The pandemic has also made remote hiring a necessity, which means that hiring a person over the Internet will take a lot of time. With the help of tracking systems, HR teams can spend less time poring over the applicants’ details as the programs will do the job for them.

Becoming More Efficient

As a result of applicant tracking systems saving time, the HR team can focus on cultivating relationships with prospective applicants. These systems filter out the best from a large pool and highlight their strengths, providing teams the best position for them. With these tasks out of the way, the HR teams are free to work on other important matters. Having more time to speak with the top applicants also results in a higher chance of hiring the right candidate for any position.

Artificial Intelligence’s Role

AI and machine learning work because the AI can learn patterns as it takes in new information. As the system becomes aware of patterns, it will begin to know what to look for, even if the amount of information is staggering. HR teams can then be free from poring over large amounts of data. Even if the HR team is spread worldwide, the system is based online, and the location is not a concern to the algorithm.

Another way technology is making background checks is the cloud. Cloud computing is known to streamline the background investigation and hiring process. It becomes a challenge for HR teams to stay updated on all of the latest regulations and governmental requirements due to how often they can change. A cloud-based background checking software will be updated frequently, if not in real-time, as new laws and rules are pushed out.

One Step Ahead

With constant updates, HR teams no longer have to worry about compliance when conducting background investigations. The software will do it all for them, and they can focus on what they do best.

Even after a background investigation, the data can become obsolete. This is a given fact as people change constantly. Over time, there will be newer information that the background check does not have. This means that a solution to keep up must be available. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it is known as continuous monitoring.

Continuous monitoring is just as it sounds. Whenever the tool detects something new in a background check, the HR team is notified. This can be whether a new development appears in the check or something vanishes from the documentation. In some fields and industries, having a regularly updated background check is essential.

A problem with continuous marketing is that some workers are not happy with invading their privacy. Formal employees are slightly more protected with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. Freelancers and gig workers do not enjoy the protection from continuous monitoring. As a result, the way continuous monitoring will affect background investigation is still uncertain.

The Future of Technology

Technology will only continue to go forward as the next big thing in the background investigation. This means that as time progresses, there will be stronger and more innovative products to help simplify the background check process. Technology has the potential to be misused by less scrupulous companies and parties.

Not all hope is lost, however. It is more prudent to hire a company with a good reputation for your background checks. This way, you do not have to worry about the team overstepping boundaries. You can also be confident that the background check is honest and does not intrude where it is not supposed to. This allows you to be transparent and more successful when you apply for a job.



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