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A roadmap to reopen the economy in the USA

A roadmap to reopen the economy in the USA

Roadmap to reopen the economy

Many are wondering what the roadmap to reopen the economy would be. Here are some thoughts.

The USA is now finally reopening the economy and workplace in phases.  The government has come up with a three-phased roadmap to provide guidance to the states and local officials as well as employers and workers about how to reopen businesses while maintaining all the necessary precautions. 

The governors and local authorities can tailor the application of this roadmap according to local circumstances and based on the extent and severity of the Covid-19 outbreaks in specific areas. 

Phase One 

Employees and Other Individuals 

All vulnerable individuals, including employees who have full-time or part-time jobs, must continue to shelter in place. These individuals and their family members should recognize that returning to the workplace in this condition is risky as they could carry the virus back home. All necessary precautions should be observed to protect vulnerable individuals.

For all individuals, it is important to adhere to social distancing practices when they are in public places or in the workplace. Socializing in groups of 10 or more should be avoided, including business meetings and trade shows. Business travel as well as non-essential personal travel should be minimized.  If travel is required, CDC guidelines regarding travel should be followed.


Employers should continue to encourage working from home and telecommuting where possible to carry out business operations remotely in the phases one of ‘ road map to reopen the economy.’ When applicable, the returning of employees to the workplace should be done in phases. 

Common areas where employees are likely to interact or get together, should either be closed or stringent social distancing protocols should be enforced. Businesses should consider special accommodations for employees who belong to the vulnerable segments of the population.

Specific Employers 

  • Schools and organized youth activities such as camps and daycare that are closed at present should remain closed. 
  • Visitor entry at hospitals and senior living facilities should be prohibited. 
  • Major venues, such as movie theaters, sit-down dining, sporting venues, and places of worship may operate with stringent protocols to maintain social distancing. 
  • Hospitals and surgery centers may resume elective surgeries as clinically appropriate. 
  • Gyms can reopen as long as they abide by stringent sanitation and physical distancing protocols. 
  • Bars must remain closed.

Phase Two 

Employees and Other Individuals 

In phase two of the roadmap to reopen the economy, guidelines for vulnerable individuals are, whether they are working or non-working, to continue to remain the same as in Phase One. 

Social gatherings of more than 50 people should be avoided where appropriate social distancing is not possible. Maximized social distancing should be followed by all individuals when they are in public places, such as outdoor recreation areas, parks, and shopping areas. 

Non-essential personal and business travel can resume in this phase. 


  • Employers should continue to encourage remote working wherever feasible for running their business operations. 
  • Common areas where employees are likely to come together should either remain closed, or moderate social distancing protocols should be enforced. 
  • Special accommodations for vulnerable workers should be considered.

Specific Employers

  • Visitor entry to hospitals and senior care facilities should continue to be prohibited. 
  • Major venues can operate under moderate social distancing protocols.
  • Elective and cosmetic surgeries can restart as clinically appropriate. 
  • Gyms can operate under stringent sanitation and social distancing protocols.
  • Bars may open with reduced standing-room occupancy.

Phase Three

Employees and Other Individuals 

Vulnerable people can resume their public interaction while maintaining social distancing and minimizing gatherings where social distancing is not practical. 

Low-risk individuals should consider spending minimal time in crowded places. 


Employers can resume unrestricted staffing in the workplace.  

Specific Employers 

  • Visitor entry to hospitals and senior care facilities can resume. 
  • Major venues can operate under limited social distancing protocols.
  • Gyms can operate as long as they abide by the standard sanitation protocols.
  • Bars may operate with increased occupancy in the standing room.

The Big Picture

This three-phased systematic roadmap to reopen the economy has to be done in careful stages.  Remaining mindful of whether the pandemic is making a rebound in any particular state or specific area is at the top of the priority list for everyone involved. Governors and local officials should continue to monitor the local situation and keep adjusting the norms and guidelines suggested in this roadmap as necessary. With self-discipline and a collective commitment of individuals, employees, and employers to follow the guidelines, this roadmap can pave the way for the full-fledged reopening of the American economy while keeping the health and safety of the people as the top priority. 

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