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HR Tools and Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity

How HR can manage unexpected changes at workplace?

HR Tools and Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity

An HR professional’s worst nightmare is to find ways to boost employee productivity. Productivity boosted through indirect influence is better and smarter than the direct influence of HR. We have filtered out some of the smart ways to enhance employee productivity.


What is employee productivity

Create and communicate a strategic plan

A strategic plan that supports the company’s mission can drive high performance when employees are inspired by seeing how their personal workloads and responsibilities contribute to the company’s success as a whole. Ensure everyone knows the company’s strategic plan and has frequent reminders of how they fit into it.

Adopt a strong appraisal system

Appraisal systems should be clear, fair, objective, and frequent measures of employees’ performance. A smart appraisal system can provide employees not only with oversight but motivation and measured goals. Frequent check-ins with managers regarding progress on stated objectives can allow for effective prioritization of tasks and evaluate how well the employee is meeting specific benchmarks. Appraisal systems can also incorporate stretch goals as well as baseline expectations. Over the years, the appraisal system has proved to be a tested method to boost employee productivity.

Be sure to evaluate the performance of people managers. Too often, a problematic manager is only identified after an exit interview.

Create a comfortable and happy work environment

A comfortable office with well-controlled temperature, adequate lighting, and ergonomic equipment can go a long way in motivating employees to do their best work. People spend a lot of time at work, and it is important that they look forward to being in the office and that going to work is not a physical or emotional hardship.

In addition to creating a comfortable environment, companies can find appreciation for good performance with bonuses and other incentives. Fitting rewards into a tighter budget requires more creativity, but it is necessary to enable people to do their best work.

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Provide training and development to boost employee productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, employees need to know they are staying on top of their game. The information economy has given rise to workers who value employment that keeps them engaged and interested, including continuous opportunities for learning and additional training. These workers want paths for promotion—including expanded responsibilities as well as higher pay. Businesses are expected to provide these opportunities if they want to attract and retain talented employees.

Perform detailed & comprehensive background checks

Performing a background check on a potential employee can boost employee productivity by revealing information about the personality of the employee. To hire employees who have good potential to increase their productivity in the future, a comprehensive background check is critical and good to have. Get a quote on background checks here.

Consider flexible work arrangements

Long before remote work became more necessary due to public health crises, technology, and lifestyle shifts created the need for more flexibility regarding workplace attendance and scheduling. Flexible work benefits businesses and employees, cuts costs, and allows for better work/life balance. Remote communication has never been easier, and many workers have come to expect businesses to offer nontraditional work arrangements such as working from home, compressed schedules, and flexible hours. This, in turn, allows employees to work when and where they are most effective.

Investing in health and wellness programs can boost productivity

A healthy person is a better and more productive employee. Businesses can sponsor a variety of health and wellness programs, not limited to health insurance coverage. Fitness club memberships or reimbursements, lifestyle and nutrition counseling, and onsite vaccinations are a few among many offerings.

Provide opportunities for team building

Host events that allow for low-stress interaction between team members. As employees get to know each other and have positive experiences together, their work together improves.

Purchase and maintain the right tools to boost employee produtivity

When expectations of people are high, they need to be supported adequately. Maximize your employees’ talents by providing them with tools that allow them to do their jobs efficiently, without wasting time and energy troubleshooting or doing repetitive tasks. Evaluate what tools can be purchased or developed, and make sure your teams are trained on using them. This can mean physical equipment or software applications and programs.

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