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HR Challenges With Background Check Providers

Hiring an authentic background check provider is not easy. There are multiple obstacles in the process.

Below are some of the most prominent problems faced by HR professionals when they hire a Background Screening Provider.

HR challenges with background screening providers

Paying extra to a background check provider

HR staff can find the best-match employees through extensive background checks. The quality of the check increases with price. Since investments have already been made by hiring a new employee, why not invest a little more and get them thoroughly screened. The extent of the background check ordered can be adjusted given specific job functions required for the position.

Depending on the job requirements, screening reports can cover a myriad of things. The reports from a background check provider include criminal history, credit history, driving and/or motor vehicle records, social security verification, education or employment history, or other appropriate background information. When a background check is completed for free, the results obtained may not always be accurate. Checks done for free may not contain all the proper information included in more detailed searches.  This could be dangerous.

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Lazy background check company

In order for a background check to be completed in a timely manner, all the varying components of the report must be completed efficiently. The primary source of concrete criminal data is the courthouse. Information from these sources many times needs to be retrieved directly in person by a researcher. Criminal records can also be collected from online court websites, but certain laws restrict the use of potentially limited sources and it may be illegal to report the information. Employers can face many obstacles when obtaining a background check on their own, and because of this, they decide to employ third-party vendors to do it for them.

The extent of search records

Depending on the job description of the prospective employee, the search could be based on the following information:

  • If it is a high paying, public-facing, or high profile position, then an extensive search is required. This would include federal, county, state, and municipal jurisdictions for a criminal records search.
  • If the applicant has moved a lot, it might take some time to gather all the information needed from each jurisdiction. It is better to be safe and covering all aspects of a check.
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Expectations for a search

The HR manager needs to know ahead of time what kind of reports he/she needs to order from the background check provider. They also need to know how to analyze the report to get the answers they need.  A company should have a regular background check process in place. When the HR manager has enough experience ordering checks, they have an idea as to what this may entail.

The willingness of the candidate

When the candidate is not willing to participate, or knowingly provides erroneous information, collecting the data for a thorough check is difficult.  At times, the information can be obtained directly from the applicant but their participation ends there. It is then the job of the background check provider to come up with the missing information. An example of this could be in the event of a drug test collection. The candidate could be busy with other employment opportunities, not bothering with showing up for the drug test. Of course, the turnaround time is much faster when full participation and responsiveness of the candidate is part of the process.

Inaccurate or unnecessary information

When a report shows inaccurate or unnecessary information, it could create additional work and frustration on the part of the employer. Additionally, when inaccurate information is reported, the employer is liable.  False or inaccurate information also damages an individual’s reputation. It is important for the background check company to know the laws, be certified in the industry, and have a proven process to keep the employer safe.

Time-reliant customer service

HR managers are looking for a background check provider that provide great customer service at all times. The livelihood of others depends on it. When a large number of employees are being hired, those checks need to be completed efficiently in order to expedite the onboarding process. The analyst needs to make sure that all the information reported as quickly as possible while also maintaining data integrity and accuracy.

Screening providers and specialized checks

Each background check provider must meet certain expectations for compliance in their respective fields. This may require extensive searches, or perhaps just basic information. HR managers may request more extensive drug testing, physical examinations, and higher levels of security screenings according to their regulations and requirements. Finding a background screening company that is accredited to perform such checks is a hustle.

Out of line information

The initial impression received by the employer could be changed when the results of a check are given. The information portrayed on the reports could also be a surprise to the candidate. Regardless of the information returned in a criminal background check from a background check provider, there is information that can be reported and used in a hiring decision, and information that cannot according to state and federal law.  It is important to seek out a background screening provider who is careful in providing only the most actionable information possible.

The personal touch from a background screening provider

The information presented by a background check provider could be confusing to untrained eyes. When the report finished and reviewed by HR, the background screening analyst should be available to explain the results. This way the HR is able to hire the candidate with confidence and answer any questions they may have.


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