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Hire Better in 2020 With Professional Background Screening

Professional Background Screening For Better Job Hiring

Many reporting agencies claim to be called professional background screening companies but who decides the professionalism and authority of a consumer reporting agency (CRA)? Is your current CRA accredited? Are they compliant in all legal aspects?

Talent acquisition is one of the most critical tasks for an organization, which will define its long-term growth and success. Therefore, when you are hiring for 2020, it makes sense to do thorough due diligence and conduct a comprehensive background screening.

To begin with, you need to ensure that the individual you are planning to hire is exactly who they claim to be. A failure to verify how a candidate has represented himself or herself could land you with a poor hiring decision, which could cost your organization severely, and in more ways than one.

Risks of Poorly Informed Background Screening

Hire Better in 2020 With Professional Background Screening

Misrepresentation of Professional Credentials

According to researchers, nearly six in 10 resumes include some degree of incorrect or misleading information. This could include falsified academic qualifications, inaccurate employment dates, seniority levels, and job titles. Hiring an undeserving or unfit candidate can hurt an entire team performance or cause damage or losses because the new hire would not be trained or equipped to handle the job description.

Cybercrime or Fraud

Occupational frauds run into billions of dollars nationwide every year. Unscrupulous employees could be involved in stealing inventory, assets or cash from the organization. In an increasingly digitized work environment, the risk of hacking and cybercrime by insiders is also at an all-time high. You cannot afford to provide access to sensitive or proprietary corporate data to someone with a track record for unethical hacking or cyber theft.

Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiring puts your organization at legal risk of lawsuits from third parties that might suffer because of your poor hiring. For instance, you hire a delivery driver with a background of drunk driving. You could face serious legal liability if the driver injures another person while intoxicated, and the injured party is able to show that you showed negligence in hiring that driver.

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Compromising Safety of Employees and Clients

As an employer, you have a legal duty to provide a safe work environment for your employees as well as any clients or business associates that visit your office. Incidents of workplace violence can cause physical as well as emotional damage to innocent people. If you hire an employee with a drug or alcohol problem or a background of assault and violence, you could be putting many people at risk.

Unsafe Workplace Conditions

Employers are legally obligated to ensure that their employees have a safe workplace. Failure to do so may attract lawsuits. 36% of employers tend to report violent incidents at the workplace according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

These incidents may cause emotional and physical harm to customers and employees leading to negative repercussions for the organization. Workers’ compensation claims can be reduced by 50% by implementing drug screening for new hires and other types of background checks.

Increase in Attrition Rate

It is easy for employees to falsify their records and qualifications to secure an undeserving spot at an organization. However, such employees do not last long because of their inability to fulfill job responsibilities and lack of productivity.

Pre-employment screening can go a long way in helping you hire a suitable candidate for a position from the myriad of applicants for the job. Background checks ensure quality over quantity.

Partner with Peopletrail in 2020

It is best to choose a professional background screening provider with deep domain knowledge and expertise in background checks. PeopleTrail is one of the most respected and highly experienced consumer reporting agencies providing advanced background checks and pre-employment screening services. You can choose from their customized packages to meet your organization’s unique background screening requirements.

Peopletrail offers dedicated services with the following type of employment screening and more:

Peopletrail’s employment background checks are thorough and completely reliable. Their dedicated reporting team will collect actionable insights to help you make superior hiring decisions in 2020.

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