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Employer Branding Improvement With 7 Tactics In 2020

How HR can manage unexpected changes at workplace?

An Article by Susan Craig on how to improve employer branding in this era of gig economy.

Here are 7 ways you can improve your employer branding.

Attracting and retaining the best talent in the market has never been easy. Imagine a situation where the best candidates are knocking at your door rather than the other way round. Wouldn’t that be great? It is for this reason that you need to create a strong employer brand that will stand out among the rest. Employer branding is the best talent acquisition strategy. The following 7 tactics will help you improve employer branding to attract and retain the top industry talent.

1 – Recognize your employees’ efforts

Acknowledging the efforts of your workers is an excellent employer branding tactic. Perks don’t have to be expensive, for instance, exotic vacations, on-site gyms, or ping pong tables. You can also provide thoughtful, inexpensive perks to motivate employees. Smart perks include business language training and other short e-learning short courses to advance their skills and knowledge. Check out Preply Entreprise for the best corporate language lessons packages. You may also introduce employee-friendly policies such as flexible working hours or work from home to keep them motivated and happy.

2 – Integrate social media into your branding strategy

Does your company use social media for marketing? So why not use it for employer branding too? Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to showcase your company’s culture. Show prospective candidates that employees’ opinions are respected, aspirations are valued, creativity is fostered, and hard work is rewarded. Social media is a perfect place to communicate your employer brand with prospective talent as well as to stimulate employee engagement. It is an ideal employer branding strategy – it is cheap, effective, and you have a global audience.

employer branding
Employer branding on social media

3 – Corporate Social Responsibility

Community matters. Even stand out brands such as P&G, Google, and KPMG, use a community-based approach for employer branding. CSR is among the best employer branding practices. It defines your brand and makes it stand out in the market. Remember to stay authentic – it is everything when it comes to community-based employer branding.

4 – A smooth onboarding process

The onboarding process can be both nerve-wracking or exciting. Ensure the transition process for new recruits is smooth and exciting. It will not only improve your employer brand, but it also increases the retention rate. Additionally, you can socialize your onboarding process on your career site. Give potential hires a glimpse of your company culture. Give them a chance to air their concerns, ask questions about the recruitment process, and interact with employees to familiarise themselves with your organizational structure.

5 – A career website

A career page can help you improve your employer branding. Integrate major social networking sites with your career page to make the entire application process fast and easy. Try to keep the application process short and specific. Also, ensure your mobile career page is highly responsive – it should load within 5 seconds on every device. 

6 – A meaningful career path

You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the same position for years, would you? That’s why bringing top talent on board is just half the battle won. If you want them to stick with your company, there must be a promising career path. Design training programs that advance the knowledge and skills of your employees. 

It may be hard to promote your employees in some companies due to the organizational structure, but even then, you can teach your employees how to use new tools or have them attend workshops that will benefit their professional portfolio. Provide them with less formal e-learning programs and let them attend workshops that enhance their professional career.

All this is to try and keep your employees happy and reduce your attrition rate. 

7 – Re-design performance management

Effective performance management is among employer branding best practices. It increases the retention rate. Revamp your yearly performance management system into a weekly or daily discussion that provides immediate feedback and helps employees set goals that achieve results.

An effective performance management system should be simplified to help employees continuously improve their productivity and performance while integrating their personal development.

Are you planning to improve your employer branding this year? There you have 7 excellent strategies to help you achieve that. But don’t promise what you can’ deliver!

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