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3 Most Popular Types of Background Checks Employers Shouldn’t Ignore In 2020

3 Most Popular Types of Background Checks Employers Shouldn’t Ignore In 2020

All background checks are essential at some level, but if you could nail down the three most popular types of background checks, how would you sort them out? 

Hiring managers can be confused after seeing multiple types of background checks. Considering that, a few months back, we published a blog article, “Types of background checks employers can perform on a job candidate,” which described all the essential kinds of checks that the hiring manager could order on the applicant. Based on our massive amount of past customer data and client preferences, we have shortlisted the three most critical types of background checks that businesses should not ignore in 2020, soon after they start hiring after COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.

3 Most Popular Types of Background Checks Employers Shouldn’t Ignore In 2020

As a hiring manager in the year 2020, if you don’t know where to start, or what checks to order, here is your go-to plan for the top 3 screening options.

Criminal History Check

A criminal background check or a criminal history check is similar in name. A criminal history check evaluates the prior illegal activity of the job applicant. It may include national database records, country criminal records, federate and state-level criminal records, sex offender registries, and also the FBI terrorist watchlist records. 

A national fingerprint background check can also be used to run a criminal history check. Here is the difference between a name-based background check and a fingerprint background check. 

Sex Offender Registry Check

This check is amongst our top three most critical background checks for 2002. Businesses could do a sex offender registry check with any employee at any time. This type of pf background check evaluates a person’s previous sexual offense history. It is considered a must-do test for all positions related to minors, schools, education, daycare, etc. Workplace sexual offenses are growing every day, and Peopletrail recommends all companies run this background check to reduce workplace sexual offenses and acts of violence. This check also holds value because if not performed, and there is an adverse incident, this could lead to serious allegations of negligent hiring or even lawsuits.

Read this article to find out the flaws int the sex offender registry system. Sex Offender Registries; The Broken System

Driving Record Check

You might have seen many job ads where they specifically ask if the person applying for the job can drive or not. This type of check confirms if you have legal permission to drive the required vehicle. 

Request a Driving Record Screening

A driver’s background check may reduce accidents caused by incapable drivers. A driver checks the hiring manager to know about information such as Traffic accidents, driving record points, current drivers’ license status, total DUI’s in the public record, and other traffic law violations, convictions, and fines that may be applicable. 

Did you know? CareerBuilder found that 46% of workers don’t know what information employers are checking for during pre-employment screening. When job seekers don’t know what type of information is being collected, it can result in poor application procedures.

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