The dedicated screening specialists at Peopletrail help you with your tenant screening needs. Not only do you have a vested interest in renting to tenants with a great credit score, you also want to be sure that your community stays safe by renting only to those who have no criminal or sex offender history. Background screenings are about community safety and protecting your investment.

Peopletrail can help you foster a sense of safety in your community. Having an understanding of your renters can prevent financial loss and damages that may come when renting to those with a sketchy past. We provide tenant screening, as well as a wide variety of tests that can help authenticate your renter’s background before they unlock the door on your property and enter your community.

Our customized solutions managed by a dedicated account manager may include.

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Credit history is a vital step in tenant screening. Credit history is reviewed by obtaining a credit bureau report from a national credit bureau repository. We have online access to the three major credit bureau reporting systems. When an applicant is being considered for renting a property it is important that a property manager has a clear and concise profile. Credit information is summarized for quick review and provides a detailed analysis of debt load and payment history. This type of credit report does not include FICO scores and is a “soft inquiry” that does not affect the FICO score or display to creditors.

Credit reports can reveal factors relating to financial irresponsibilities such as living beyond one’s means or consistent delinquencies. In addition to financial information, credit reports help uncover possible identity and resume fraud by revealing name variations, historical addresses, and past employment information.

Our screening specialists manually search through jurisdictional court records in any of the 3,347 counties in the United States. These records provide quick information that is the most up to date. These cases held at the county level include information about felonies, misdemeanors, and criminal traffic offenses.

We manually check applicant-reported employment references.  Landlords often need to check the employment history of applicants to avoid resume fraud or simply to get input from an employer.

Records at the federal level potentially uncover criminal information not prosecuted or recorded at the county or state level. This information can include securities and tax law violations, immigration, weapons, interstate drug crimes, and civil rights violations.

Peopletrail provides a wide selection of screening services in over 200 countries across the globe. We work to ensure our global providers follow government policy and cultural protocols.

Peopletrail provides consumer-identifying information obtained from confidential credit-report sources (A soft inquiry is posted on direct to consumer credit bureau disclosure) which is a huge aid in tenant screening. This search will assist in validating the applicant’s social security number. This identifies numbers not issued by the social security administration or that were filed with death claim. The report also supplies name variations, DOB, current and previous addresses and former employers.

The report also supplies name variations, date of birth, current and previous addresses, and former employers. Identity variations may include aliases, maiden names, misspelled names, or names of consumers who have changed their identity.

A FCRA version of a social security number search creates a soft inquiry to the applicant’s credit file that does not affect the FICO score or display to creditors. The search offers up-to-date consumer identifying information instantly. They also help uncover possible identity fraud by revealing name variations, historical addresses, and past employment information.

Our dedicated screening specialists work with you to determine the best place for your searches. When necessary, a repository search frequently provides a cost-effective way to cover the entire state.

In some states, counties submit criminal data to a state repository. The data that can be collected varies by state. Some states may collect all data from all counties; some states may only collect arrest or felony data; some counties may not provide any data.

This search will provide you with peace of mind and help insure a safer working environment. Sex Offenders are required to register in the state in which they currently reside. However not all states provide information to the public.

Residence & Landlord Verification is a manual check of previous landlords or property managers to verify residence, payment, and other tenant-related concerns. This is one of the most important steps in the tenant screening process.

Peopletrail searches InstaEviction Records, a database search of eviction records for tenant screening purposes. This search provides valuable information for a prospective landlord because eviction records do not show up on a credit report.

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