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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.



California Supremes Offer Compliance Guidance for Background Checks, Read More.


Delaware ‘Clean slate’ Bill Promises Second Chance to Drug Offenders, Read More.


Criminal background checks now required for all amusement park employees, Read More.

Federal LegislationFederal Legislation

Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Source for Public Data, Read More.

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act: Back to the Future, Read More.

Background Checks

Kittery to investigate whether driver who crashed van had background check, Read More.

Teacher background checks give parents peace of mind. Read More.

OPENonline Enhances Their Background Screening Services, Launches Social Media Screening Solution, Read More.

Aspen School District expands HR director’s background check, Read More.

Palisades Park skipped background checks on school armed guards, records show, Read More.

Professors With Sexual Misconduct in Their Pasts, Read More.

Bus driver accused of abandoning SCS students had a red flag in record, Read More.

My Turn: Phil Ricci: A safe environment for children, Read More.

After Polk firefighter Cody ‘Little Savage’ Wesling arrested on murder charges in death of rival motorcycle gang leader, county tightens hiring process, Read More.

New Background Requirements for Child Care Providers, Read More.



Judge: Bridgeton factory not required to let worker use marijuana, Read More.

Judge Tosses Medical Marijuana User’s Disability Discrimination Suit, Read More.

Consumer Reporting Agency Violated FCRA, Fired Workers Say, Read More.

Frisco man struggling to get job wanted to keep $60M fraud indictment from prospective employers. A judge said no.

Drug Testing

Researchers make meth in their lab for drug-test device, Read More.

Spanish driver tests positive for every drug in test, Read More.

County adopts new drug test, towing policies, Read More.

Cops: North Huntingdon man taped ‘bladder’ bottle to himself to pass drug test Read More.

Ex-Tesla employee who alleges she was fired for failing drug test: Musk smoking weed ‘like a slap in the face’, Read More.

Credit Checks

Check Your Kid’s Credit History, Read More.

Credit Card Freezes 101, Read More.


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