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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.



New training, background check requirements implemented for Denver security guards, Read More.


Federal Court Rules in Favor of Worker Rejected for Medical Marijuana Use, Read More.


New Orleans City Council Advances ‘Ban the Box’ Ordinance, Read More.


Governor bans felon box on state job applications, Read More.

Michigan Marijuana Legalization Proposal Does Not Contain Protections Against Employee Drug Tests, Read More.


Governor Says Background Check Rule Won’t Cost Medicaid Providers Their Jobs, Read More.

Federal LegislationFederal Legislation

Congress Bill Submitted to End Cannabis Testing for Federal Employees, Read More.

BCFP Updates FCRA Disclosure Rules, Read More.

New Amendments to the FCRA Grant New Consumer Rights and Impose New Disclosure Requirements, Read More.

Using FCRA’s Expansiveness as a Shield: CFPB Gets Pushback on FCRA Subpoena, Read More.

New FCRA Summary of Rights Notice Requirements Go into Effect, Read More.

New law helps protect your credit against identity thieves, Read More.

New FCRA Summary of Rights Released, Read More.

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Issues Updated FCRA Model Disclosures, Read More.

Court finds that disclosures mandated under FCRA must meet the precise requirements of the Act, Read More.

Background Checks

Nine people hoping to work LSU game arrested on warrants due to new background check policy, Read More.

L’Oreal is doing ‘background checks’ as part of a new influencer vetting process, Read More.

Employer Must Obtain Written Authorization To Conduct Background Check, Read More.

Legal checks on background checks, Read More.

Schools officials bypassed full background checks for more than 100 bus drivers, Read More.

Southwest Key misses background check deadline, could lose license, Read More.

Lafayette public library officials address background checks and security, Read More.

More Employers Try Continuous Background Screening, Read More.

More Human Resource Managers are Requesting Executive Background Checks in 2018 According to Corporate Resolutions, Read More.

Why drug testing saves companies, careers and lives, Read More.

CPS recommends 13 additional workers be fired for failing background re-check, Read More.

CFPB Issues New Background Check Summary of Rights Form With Imminent Effective Date, Read More.

Beaufort County looking at extra security measures for schools. How much would it cost? Read More.

Here’s a roadmap to navigating background check laws, Read More.

Duke Bans the Box, Read More.

FBI Background Checks: How do they work? Read More.

Lee County School District disputes critical state audit, Read More.

Shawnee Mission Gets Ride of Fingerprints in Background Checks of School Volunteers, Read More.

DBS targets employment check scammers, Read More.

Murder suspect coached youth football team, league says he lied on background check, Read More.

CMS hires company that conducts ‘more robust’ criminal background checks, Read More.


3rd Circ. Breathes New Life Into Job Applicants’ SEPTA Suit, Read More.

When Technicalities Are (And Are Not) Associated with Concrete Harm: The Spokeo Analysis as Applied in Long v. SEPTA, Read More.

How Much is a FCRA Violation Going to Cost you? Read More.

Putative Class Action Dismissed after Court Finds that Accurately Reported College Enrollment Dates and Degree-Conferral Status Are Not Adverse Information, Read More.

FCRA Disclosures and Authorization, Read More.

Court Does Not Believe Defendant Intentionally Destroyed Records to Avoid Identification of Potential Plaintiffs in FCRA Class Action, Read More.

False report of prison time satisfies Spokeo’s requirement of injury in fact, Read More.

Court Analyzes When the Statute of Limitations Begins Running in FCRA Case, Read More.

Fifth Circuit Gets it Right, Affirms Summary Judgment, Read More.

Medical marijuana showed up on drug test that cost woman a job. A judge says that was discrimination, Read More.

11th Circuit Weighs in on “Injury In Fact,” Read More.

Drug Testing

Drug tests are a major factor in keeping skilled workers from filling trade jobs, Read More.

Brooksville man attached squirt bottle to genitals to cheat drug test, deputies say, Read More.

‘Human urine sales’ are rocketing with rise of workplace drug tests, Read More.

Big Brands

Uncheck that Box: Santangelo v. Comcast Corporation, Read More.

Uber will conduct annual background checks on Colorado drivers, Read More.

Credit Checks

Be Aware of Identity-Theft Tactics, Read More.


Facebook could be fined up to $1.63 billion for a massive breach that may have violated EU privacy laws, Read More.

Watchdog Getting More Data Complaints After GDPR, Read More.

What the Eir breach and GDPR can teach us about multilayered data security, Read More.

Why is metadata management so important when it comes to GDPR? Read More.

First Notice Filed Under GDPR against Canadian Analytics Firm, Read More.

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