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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.



The California Consumer Privacy Act: Getting a Head Start on Compliance, Read More.

California Supreme Court’s Clarification of ‘Background Check’ Laws, Read More.


Augusta commissioners tackle sensitive personnel issues in subcommittee meeting, Read More.


New app helps keep Hampton officers and the community safe, Read More.

Federal LegislationFederal Legislation

Employers Should be Aware of New Forms for Background Check Compliance, Read More.

FCRA Filings on the Rise, Read More.

EEOC Reminds Employers of the Importance of Targeted Screening and Individualized Assessment Processes, Read More.

8th Circuit Dismisses FCRA Claims for Lack of Standing, Read More.

EEOC Continues to Scrutinize Criminal Record Screening Policies, Read More.

What’s a “Reasonable” Reinvestigation: Defining Consumer Reporting Agency Obligations Under FCRA, Read More.

State Law Claims Beware: When FCRA Preempts Claims Brought Under Other Laws, Read More.

Stating a Claim Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: A Primer on 1681s-2(b) Claims, Read More.

FTC Settles Fair Credit Reporting Act Action with Tenant Background Screening Company, Read More.

Federal Legislation Enables Consumers to Obtain Security Freezes on Credit Reports Free of Charge, Read More.

FTC Flexes FCRA Muscle with $3M Settlement, Read More.

Background Checks

Slow background checks cause staffing woes for child care providers, Read More.

Lack of state law could put school children at risk, Read More.

Employers Should be Aware of New Forms for Background Check Compliance, Read More.

In the background: A crucial step in the hiring process can be a background check, Read More.

What Cross-Border Employers Need to Know About Applicant/Employee Background Checks, Read More.

How Do Employment Background Checks Work? Read More.

Avoiding “The Predator” Controversy: Are Background Checks a Solution? Read More.

When Background Checks Go Bad: How to Fix Misinformation in Your Report, Read More.

Why Your Company Must Check People Thoroughly Prior to Hiring, Read More.

Background checks could ruin ability to rent, Read More.

Lack of Bus Driver Background Checks Closes Schools, Read More.

Requesting a Background Check to Make an Employment Decision? Read This First, Read More.

New FCRA Form to Be Used with Background Checks, Read More.

Fifth of employers ask about criminal records in potentially unlawful way, Read More.

Va. criminal database missing 750,000 cases used for gun and background checks, crime scene investigations, Read More.

Crestwood cancels classes again over background checks, Read More.

Duke’s move to ‘ban the box’ follows trend established by other universities, states, Read More.


What’s a “Reasonable” Reinvestigation: Defining Consumer Reporting Agency Obligations Under FCRA, Read More.

States are Immune from Suit Under the FCRA, Read More.

FTC Reaches $3 Million Settlement with a Tenant Screening Company Over Alleged FCRA Accuracy-Related Violations, Read More.

CFPB Announces Settlement with Tennessee Small Dollar Lender, Read More.

Drug Testing

Florida store owner: Don’t warm urine in my microwave, Read More.

Inside the opioid epidemic: Does your drug-free workplace policy comply with anti-discrimination laws? Read More.

Oklahoma businesses need clarity on marijuana, Read More.

Colorado pilot fired, loses license for unknowingly eating marijuana edible, Read More.

Drug testing company charged with faking truck driver results, Read More.

Cheating on drug tests on the rise in the Permian Basin, testing facility says, Read More.

New OSHA Guidance: Certain Safety Incentive Programs, Post-Accident Drug Tests Permissible, Read More.

Marijuana Madness: This Is How CBD Oil Can Cause A Failed Drug Test, Read More.

OSHA Issues New Drug Testing and Incentive Program Guidance, Read More.

Drug testing company reports increase in cheating, Read More.

Chunks of hair taken from Kansas students for school’s random drug tests, parents say, Read More.

Drug testing and safety rules clarified, Read More.

Interact Sensitively with Employees Addicted to Opioids, Read More.

Credit Checks

Credit Checks And Jobs, Read More.

How your credit score impacts employment opportunities, Read More.

What employers are looking for when they check your credit report, Read More.

Why Employers Check Your Credit Report, Read More.

More Employers Are Checking Credit Reports. Should You Be Worried? Read More.


Understanding China’s Incoming Cybersecurity Legislation, Read More.

Dramatic Increase in French Privacy Complaints Since GDPR, Read More.

Be Prepared – The German DPAs will start random GDPR audits, Read More.

New law introduced to implement GDPR, Read More.

6 Months After GDPR: What Are the Trends in How Data Transfer and Sharing in Marketing Has Changed? Read More.

UK’s Data Protection Authority Enforces GDPR, Read More.

Argentina’s new Bill on Personal Data Protection, Read More.

GDPR’s Most Frequently Asked Questions: When would a law firm be required to appoint a Data Protection Officer? Read More.

Why ‘Right To Delete’ Should Be On Your IT Agenda Now, Read More.

United States: UK’s Data Protection Authority Enforces GDPR, Read More.

Hungary: Employers unlawfully requesting criminal records from employees face fines, Read More.

Employee Data Subject Access Requests: Part 1 – where are we now and what questions remain? (UK) Read More.

A Global Roadmap To Personal Data Protection: Asia Pacific, Europe & USA – Japan, Read More.

Why Cooperating With Non-GDPR Compliant Companies Can Actually Put Your Own Company at Risk, Read More. 

5 Steps to GDPR Compliance, Read More.

How GDPR Is Prompting Renovation of Data Protection Practices Worldwide, Read More.

GDPR: Winter is coming (and enforcement is too) Read More.

On the Road to Reconciling GDPR and Blockchain, Read More.

GDPR: the ‘controller v processor’ debate in financial services, Read More.

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