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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.


New York

City Council Poised to Pass a Bill Barring Marijuana Drug Tests for People on Probation, Read More

NYC Passes Bill to Ban Pre-Employment Marijuana Drug Testing, Read More


5 key Maryland Bills to Watch on the Last Day of the Session, Read More


Records Restriction Day a Success,  Read More


Change in Massachusetts Data Breach Notification Law Highlights Requirement That Organizations Implement a Written Information Security Program (WISP), Read More


Illinois House Rejects ‘Ban-the-Box’ Law for College Admissions, Read More


In Wake of David Stringer scandal, Arizona Teachers Will Have to Disclose Expunged Charges, Read More

New Mexico

New Mexico’s “Criminal Offender Employment Act” To Prohibit Private Employers From Criminal History Inquiry On Initial Employment Applications, Read More

New Mexico Adopts Ban-the-Box, Expungement Laws, Read More


Polis Signs Bill Restricting Rental Application Fees and Prospective Tenant Background Checks, Read More


Texas Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Bill, Read More

Byrnes Critical of Background Check Bill, Read More

Three Significant New Maryland Laws That Could Impact Your Workforce, Read More

Federal Legislation

Senate Report Supports ‘Ban the Box’ Bill, Read More

Expungement Reform Gains Overwhelming Bipartisan Support, Read More

Growing Push to Eliminate ‘Conviction’ Question on Job Applications, Read More


Privacy Shield and the UK FAQs, Read More

US Senators Shaping Federal Privacy Law Get Input From Irish GDPR Regulator, Read More

The Eyes (And Privacy Laws) Of Texas Are Upon You…, Read More

Bill Introduced to Expand NC’s Data Protection Laws, Creating New Cybersecurity Obligations and Liability Risk for NC Businesses, Read More

A GDPR Update for Employers, Part III: Preparing Required Data Protection Impact Assessments, Read More


Background Checks

Man Says Botched Background Check Prevented Him from Volunteering, Read More

Columbia Public Schools Strengthens its Background Check Policy, Read More

Pennsylvania PUC Releases Report on Uber’s Driver Background Check Process, Read More

Lyft Rolls Out Continuous Background Checks for Drivers and Enhanced Identity Verification, Read More

Lyft Finally Catches Up with Uber’s Continuous Driver Background Checks, Read More

Trump Administration Seeks to Expand Criminal Background Checks for Federal Job Seekers, Read More

Duluth School Board Discusses Changes to Background Policy, Read More

Detroit Schools Hire Teacher Alleged of Sexual Misconduct in Southfield District, Read More

Woman Raped by Man Living in City Homeless Camp Tells Story, Calls for Strong Leaders,Read More

Background Checks Help Businesses Safeguard Assets, Read More

How an Officer Fired Twice from One Police Department Became Chief of Another, Read More

TN: Nurse Arrest Shows Flaws in Background Checks, Read More

A Cautionary Tale on Why We Background Check Employees, Read More

Easton Charter School Dodging Inquiries on Fire Drills, Background Checks and More, Official Says, Read More

Does Your Kid’s Camp Do Background Checks on Counselors? See our list. Read More

Should You Do a Background Check on Job Candidates, Read More

Cuyahoga County Corrections Officer on Leave for Allegedly Lying on Job Application, Read More

Cook County Landlords to Have Limits Imposed on Criminal Background Checks of Potential Tenants, Read More

Despite Background Check Process, Accused Jailer’s Hiring in Harrison County a Mystery, Read More

A N.J. Teacher Fired Twice and Busted for Porn got Hired Again. Why Didn’t a New Law Stop Him? Read More

‘It Was the Right Time’: IHSA Implementing Background Checks for Officials
Read More



The Ninth Circuit Finds Inaccurate Credit Reporting Alone Does Not Confer Article III Standing, Read More

Nothing More, Nothing Less: Ninth Circuit Limits the Acceptable Format of and Language in Background Check Disclosure Forms Given to Job Applicants, Read More

Wisconsin LIRC Determines Even Very Upsetting Criminal Convictions May Not Be Substantially Related to the Job, Read More

State Changes Process for Daycare Checks, Read More

Plant City Daycare Under Investigation, Accused of Abusing Toddler, Read More


Big Brands

Should the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Background Check Volunteer Clergy? Read More

Lyft Drivers Will Undergo Continuous Criminal Background Checks, Read More

Lyft Stepping Up Safety Measures, Will Conduct Daily Criminal Background Checks, Read More

Lyft Will Run ‘Continuous’ Criminal Background Checks on Drivers, Tighten ID Rules, Read More

Starbucks Prepares to Settle Lawsuits Over Flawed Background Checks, Read More

Starbucks Prepares to Settle Lawsuits Over Flawed Background Checks, Read More

Two Class Actions Alleging Starbucks Violated FCRA’s Background Report Disclosure Requirements Are Grinding Toward Settlement, Read More

Delta Settles FCRA Class Action for $2.3 Million, Read More

Delta Settles FCRA Class Action for $2.3 Million, Read More


Drug Testing

City Council Committee Votes Unanimously to End Drug Testing of Prospective Employees, Read More

What Causes False Positives on Drug Tests? Read More

Marijuana Testing For Job Applicants May Soon Be Banned In NYC, Read More

Closing Drug-test Loopholes Could Hit Driver Availability, Read More

Positive Drug Tests Among U.S. Workers Hits a 14-Year High, Read More

Workforce Drug Testing Positivity Climbs to Highest Rate Since 2004, Read More

The Thriving, Legally Questionable Market for Synthetic Urine, Read More

Workforce Drug Testing Positivity Climbs to Highest Rate Since 2004, According to New Quest Diagnostics Analysis, Read More

Pre-Employment Marijuana Drug Testing Goes Up in Smoke in NYC, Read More

In the Age of Legal Marijuana, Many Employers Drop ‘Zero Tolerance’ Drug Tests, Read More

Marijuana Testing of Job Applicants Is Barred by City in Groundbreaking Measure, Read More

Jersey Shore Congressman Introduces Bill to Close Drug Testing Loophole, Read More

NYC May Ban Pre-hire Marijuana Tests for Many Job Applicants, Read More

U.S. Workforce Flunking Drug Tests: A 14-Year High, Read More

As Marijuana is Legalized, More Workers Test Positive for Drug Use, Read More

Weeding Out Employees: How Will Medical Marijuana Legalization Affect Workplace Drug Testing? Read More

How Your CBD Use Could Show Up On Drug Tests, Read More

Illinois Lawmakers Push to Legalize Marijuana, Read More

Democratic State Representatives Advocate for Marijuana Legalization on ‘Weed Holiday’ Read More

What to Know About Hair Follicle Drug Tests, Read More

A Sticky Situation for Employers: New York City Council Passes Bill Restricting Marijuana Drug Testing, Read More

Marijuana Legalization Bill Debated In New Hampshire Senate Committee, Read More

Fired for Flunking Drug Tests, Medical Marijuana Patients Win Protections in New Jersey, Read More

Pennsylvania Woman Sues CBD Company After Failed Drug Test, Read More

Cheating on Employer-Required Drug Tests on the Rise in Arizona, Read More

Half Of US Marijuana Users Think They Can Drive Safely While High, Study Says, Read More

Opioids vs. Opiates: DOT Final Rule Makes Technical Corrections to Drug Testing Regs, Read More

Nation Experiencing an Increase in Rate of Fentanyl Positivity Among Urine Drug Tests Also Positive for Cocaine or Methamphetamine, According to JAMA Network Open Study, Read More

Carol Whitmire Worked at Walmart for 8 Years, Then Her Employer Discovered She Used Medical Marijuana, Read More

Ex-Riverside County Prosecutor Says She Was Unfairly Fired for Off-duty Marijuana Use, Read More


Credit Checks

Can My Employer Check My Credit Score? Read More


Marijuana Legalization

Hawaii Moves To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession In Small Amounts, Read More

‘Grow Your Own’ Medical Marijuana Bill Clears N.H. Senate, Read More

2 New Efforts To Clarify Employee Cannabis Drug Testing, Read More

Correction: Marijuana Legalization-Illinois Story, Read More


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