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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.



San Francisco Law Would Expand the Bar on Background Checks, Read More.

San Francisco Amends “Fair Chance Ordinance” to Align with Portions of California’s New Statewide Ban-the-Box Law, Read More.


Iowa Amends Tough Drug Testing Law to Lower Standard for Positive Alcohol Tests, Read More.


Rep. Barras introduces ridesharing legislation, Read More.


Massachusetts Adjusts Limits on Employer Inquiries into Job Applicants’ Criminal History, Read More.


Michigan Bans the Ban: New Law Stops Local Government Regulations on Employer Inquiries, Read More.

New Jersey 

NJ marijuana legalization: Should employers drop drug tests?, Read More.

New York 

Latimer signs order to ‘Ban the Box’ for county job applicants, Read More.

Federal LegislationFederal Legislation

Federal judge dismisses gun background check system lawsuit, Read More

Background Checks

HR Confidential: I hired him without performing a background check. Then he stole his colleagues’ identities, Read More.

Imperva Largely Dodges Worker Background Check Suit, Read More.

Report: FCRA Litigation Filings Continue to Increase, Read More.

U.S. Youth Soccer facing legal challenge over background check issue, Read More.

Employee Background Checks: Avoiding FCRA Liability When Conducting Due Diligence, Read More.

Sherrod Brown seeks $20M for police drug-testing devices, Read More.

California Employers: Beware the Background Check Bugaboos, Read More.

Big Brands

Cunningham bill seeks stronger Uber background checks after driver charged in SLO rapes, Read More.

Target settles background check lawsuit for $3.7M, Read More.

Frito-Lay Agrees To Pay $2.4M In Background Check Action, Read More.

Uber boosts security with background checks and 911 integration, Read More.

Petco Applicants Seek OK Of $1.2M Background Check Deal, Read More.

Drug Testing

The 6 Most Ridiculous Ways People Have Tried To Pass A Drug Test, Read More.

World’s first fingerprint drug test can tell if person has taken cocaine, opiates, cannabis or amphetamines, Read More.

States move to ban fake urine, a new challenge for drug testing amid an abuse epidemic, Read More.

Barnett sues supplement company allegedly responsible for failed drug test, Read More.

Can Employers Still Drug Test if Cannabis is Legal in My State? Read More.

Cannabis Control Commission Divided on Background Check Process, Read More.

Credit Checks

Reminder: You Might Qualify For Part Of Toyota’s $21.9 Million Discrimination Settlement, Read More.


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