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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.

State Legislation


AG Healey Sends Warnings To Violators Of State’s ‘Ban The Box’ Rule Read More


City in Arkansas Boots Crime History Question From its Job Applications Read More


Colorado Poised to Join States that “Ban the Box” Read More

Colorado Enacts Statewide Ban-the-Box Law for Private Employers Read More


New Law Prevents Housing Discrimination for Returning Citizens in Cook County Read More


Exempt or Not Exempt? Part 2: The California Consumer Privacy Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act Read More

New Mexico

New Mexico Passes Ban-the-Box and Expungement Laws Read More

New Mexico Passes Ban-the-Box and Expungement LawsRead More

New York

New York City Ban on Pre-Employment Drug Testing Won’t Apply to (most) Healthcare Workers Read More


New Missouri Law Intensifies Background Check Rules For School Employees Read More

New Hampshire

NH House OKs ‘ban the box’ Bill Read More


A Look Back at the First Year of GDPR Read More

Czech Republic: GDPR Adaptation Legislation Becomes Effective Read More

Google is Facing its First GDPR Probe from Irish Privacy Regulators Read More

Preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act: Avoid the Landmines & Learn from GDPR Read More

EU-US Privacy Shield Complaint to Be Heard by Europe’s Top Court in July Read More

Employers Told to Expect Larger Fines as GDPR Hits First Anniversary Read More

Background Checks

Home Secretary Wants UK to Stop Disclosing All Criminal Records to Employers Read More

Nothing More, Nothing Less: Ninth Circuit Limits the Acceptable Format of and Language in Background Check Disclosure Forms Given to Job Applicants Read More

Ruling Raises Important Considerations for Independent Contractor Background Screening Read More

Ruling Raises Important Considerations for Independent Contractor Background Screening Read More

Sex Offender Worked for Census Bureau; Agency Warned Background Check System was “Inadequate” Read More

Questions You Should Ask About the Background Checks on Workers in Your Home Read More

Pilot Accused of 3 Murders had Criminal Record Prior to Being Hired to  FlyRead More

Ninth Circuit Weighs In on Calculating the FCRA’s Seven-Year Reporting Rule Read More

United States: Ninth Circuit Weighs In On Calculating The FCRA’s Seven-Year Reporting Rule Read More

Ninth Circuit Weighs in on Reporting Window for Non-Conviction Charges Under FCRA Read More

A Census Worker’s Arrest for Child Sex Assault Raises Hiring Concerns in Congress Read More

Rep. Adams “shocked” by Charlotte Census Sex Offender Hire, Calls for Investigation Read More

Seattle’s Fair Housing Law is the Most Progressive in the Country. But Now, Landlords are Challenging It Read More

U.S. Census Bureau Under Fire for Hiring Registered Child Sex Offender as a Manager Read More

Background Checks Not Required at Arizona Summer Camps  Read More

New Duluth School District Policy to Require Prelim Background Checks Before Start Date Read More

Police Service Suggests Charging Volunteers to Offset Costs of Background Checks Read More

3 Reasons Landlords Should Run Background Checks on All Prospective Tenants Read More

The Main Advantages of Pre-Employment Background Checks Read More

A Lyft Driver With A Criminal Record Was Charged With Rape. So Why Was He Even Behind The Wheel? Read More

Change in Missouri Law to Require School District Volunteers to Undergo Background Checks Read More

Navigating Background Checks in the Hiring Process Read More

When Job Applicants Lie: Implementing Policies to Protect Your Company Read More


California Court of Appeals Bolsters Willfulness Defense to FCRA Actions Read More

Eleventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Attempted FCRA Class Action Against Furnisher of Consumer Information Read More

Dismissal of Criminal Charges Does Not Restart FCRA’s 7-year Clock – 9th Circuit Read More

United States: Hunton Employment & Labor Perspective: California Court Of Appeals Bolsters Willfulness Defense To FCRA Actions Read More

United States: Ruling Raises Important Considerations For Independent Contractor Background Screening  Read More


Big Brands

King County Considering Stricter Screening for Rideshare Drivers Read More to Bolster Caregivers’ Screening Checks Read More Enhances Its Caregiver Screening with in-Depth Background Checks and Expands Safety Expertise on Board Read More

Uber and Lyft’s Driver Background Checks Didn’t Catch This Alleged War Criminal Read More

He’s Accused of War Crimes and Torture. Uber and Lyft Approved Him to Drive. Read More

How an Accused Murderer with Criminal Convictions Became American Airlines Pilot Read More

Should Uber Bar Felons From Becoming Drivers? Read More

CEO of Background Check Company Calls Alleged Somali War Criminal Turned Uber Driver an ‘Edge Case’ Read More

Drug Testing

Few Police Officers in Maine are Tested for Drugs Read More

Few Police Departments in Maine Require Drug Testing Read More

Few Police Officers in Maine are Tested for Drugs Read More

Koi CBD Faces Lawsuit After Pennsylvania Woman Fails Drug Test Read More

Fleets Must Maintain Drug Testing Regimen Despite Changing Marijuana Landscape Read More

Marijuana is Legal Now, But Southeast Michigan Employers Aren’t Relaxing Drug Screening Policies Read More

NYC Employers Can No Longer Use Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing to Weed Out Prospective Employees Read More

New York City Employment Marijuana Testing Ban Enacted Without De Blasio’s Signature Read More

CBD Caused Drug Test Failure, Woman Says Read More

Update: New York City’s Ban On Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing Will Take Effect on May 10, 2020 Read More

New York City Bans Pre-Employment Marijuana Tests Read More

Can You Take CBD and Pass a Drug Test Read More

Missouri School Employee Says CBD Oil Caused Her to Fail Drug Test, Lose Job Read More

School District Employee Says CBD Oil Caused Her to Fail Drug Test, Lose Job Read More

Can That CBD Oil Make You Fail Your Drug Test? Read More

Rate of Nonprescribed Fentanyl in Positive Urine Drug Screens Increasing Read More

Lamar Odom Reveals He Used Prosthetic Penis to Pass Drug Test so He Could Play at the Olympics Read More

Can Taking CBD Products Cause You to Fail a Drug Test? Read More

Legalized Marijuana or CBD Oil/Department of Transportation Drug Testing Regulations Guidance: Petroleum Marketers Association of American (Mark S. Morgan) Regulatory Alert Read More

Your CBD Product Might Cause you to Fail a Drug Test Read More

Deputy Resigns When Faced with Drug Test After Crash Read More

Ohio Employers Can Fire Workers Who Use Medical Marijuana Read More

VERIFY: Yes, Food and Medication Can Cause False Positives on Drug Tests Read More

Exposure in a Directly Observed Drug Specimen Collection for DOT Testing Read More

Ohio Employers Can Fire Workers Who Use Medical Marijuana Read More

Credit Checks

How A Bad Credit Can Keep People From A Dream Job Explained By National Debt Relief Read More

New Hampshire Senate OKs Bills to Ban Employer Use of Credit Checks, Salary History in Hiring Read More

Marijuana Legalization

Alabama Senate Approves Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana Read More

Florida Governor Could Kill Recreational Pot Read More

Nebraska Lawmakers Approve Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana Read More

Washington DC’s Weird Weed Economy Means Pot is Free and Stickers Cost $80 Read More

Pot Smuggling Arrests at LAX Have Surged 166% Since Marijuana Legalization Read More

NY Capitol Watch: Details Could Delay Vote on Marijuana Legalization
Read More

Medical Marijuana in Nebraska? Bill Reaches Full Legislature, But Sponsor Not Confident it Will Pass Read More

New Jersey Voters, Not Lawmakers, Will Decide On Marijuana Legalization In 2020 Read More

Military Firmly Against Marijuana, Despite Legalization Trend Across The US Read More

United States: Illinois Marijuana Legislation Update: Senate Bill Would Protect Employers’ Rights Read More

Legal Guidance for Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Remains Hazy Read More

Fact Check: Does Cannabis Legalizations Cause ‘Exponential’ Increases in the Use of the Drug? Read More

Weed Backers: State Senate Passes Legal Pot Bill, Sends it to House Read More

Medical Marijuana “Unity Bill” Takes Effect August 28, 2019: Steps Employers Should Consider Now Read More

Employers May Have To Accommodate Off-Duty Medical Marijuana Use Read More

Illinois House Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill Backed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker Read More

Ohio Employers Can Fire Workers Who Use Medical Marijuana Read More

Will Employers Still Test for Marijuana Once Recreational Use is Legal in Illinois? Don’t Keep a Pipe at Your Desk Just Yet Read More

Illinois Poised to Be 11th State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use Read More

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