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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.

State Legislation


Clean Slate Law Offers Offenders a Fresh Start Without Public Criminal Record, Read More

New Mexico

‘Ban the Box’ No More Than a Cosmetic Solution, Read More


Bill to Make Changes for Rental Application Fees, Read More


Proposed Bill Calls to Make Teacher Board Mandated Misconduct Reporters,
Read More


Virginia Senate Backs ‘Ban the Box’ Legislation for Public Employment, Read More


State Background Check Process Could Let Caregivers Who Abuse, Neglect to Practice, Read More

New York

United States: A New Year Brings New Ban The Box Laws To The United States Virgin Islands and Westchester County, New York, Read More

State Law Would Expand Background Checks to Non-Public School Employees, Read More


Struck Down Twice in Colorado, the ‘Ban the Box’ Bill makes a Comeback This Week, Read More

State Lawmakers Expected To Introduce ‘Ban The Box’ Bill, Read More


South Fulton Becomes Latest Ga. City to ‘Ban the Box’, Read More


Federal Legislation

It’s That Time of Year: The BCFP’s Annual Adjustment to the Maximum Allowable Charge for Consumer Disclosures, Read More

CFPB Publishes Final Rules on Civil Penalty Adjustments and Allowable Charges for FCRA Disclosures, Read More

Does a Violation of FCRA’s “Stand-Alone” Disclosure Requirement Confer Standing or Not? Read More



California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): First of Six Public Forums Soliciting Concerns and Questions, Read More

European Data Protection Board Provides Clarifications on Territorial Scope of GDPR, Read More

Why Compliance Does Not Equal Security, Read More

GDPR Bitesize: Criminal Convictions Data, Read More

Handling Candidate Data Will Be Under the Spotlight in 2019, Read More


Background Checks

SCS Giving Another Round of Background Checks to Employees, Read More

Churches Ramp Up Background Checks to Ensure Safety, Read More

Churches Ramp Up Background Checks to Ensure Safety, Read More

Pa.’s Top Court Could Decide Faculty Background Check Question this Year, Read More

Delta to Pay $2.3M to Settle Background Check Dispute, Read More

Class Action Lawsuit Disputes Stanford’s Background Check Practices, Read More

He’s a Registered Sex offender. So Why Was he Allowed to Officiate Children’s Games? Read More

Lawsuit: Inaccurate Background Check Cost Applicant Position with Home Improvement Chain, Read More

WVYWA Progressive in Protecting Young Athletes, Read More

Compliance News Flash, Read More

Palmdale High School Coach Convicted in Sexual Abuse of Student Did Not Pass Background Check: Lawyers, Read More

Rude Awakenings: Are City Buses Safe or Not? Read More

Government Shutdown: Employers Confused by Loss of E-Verify Background Check, Read More

New Law Requires More Robust Background Checks for DC Teachers,
Read More

A Huge Hiring Mistake Dentists and Other Professionals Make All the Time,  Read More

MSP: School Background Checks Are the Best Deterrent to Employee Crimes,
Read More

Vermont Lottery Will Seek Criminal Background Checks for Its Agents, Read More

Walmart Faces Certified Class Over Background Checks, Read More

New York Isn’t Following Federal Background Check Requirements at Daycares: What To Know, Read More

State Background Check Process Could Let Caregivers Who Abuse, Neglect to Practice, Read More

Research Daycare with a Background Check, Read More

Research Your Child’s Daycare with a Background Check, Read More

Behind The Story: Church Hired Pastor Without Background Check — Then Said it Didn’t Matter, Read More

Women are to Get the Right to Check a Partner’s Background Under New Domestic Violence Law Named After Mother Murdered by Her Ex-Boyfriend, Read More

Keeping Coaches Honest: Man’s Arrest Raises Questions About City’s Background Check Protocol, Read More

New York Bill Would Tighten Background Checks for Private-School Employees, Read More

Automated Background Checks are Deciding Who’s Fit for a Home, Read More

Why Checking the Background of Prospective Tenants is Essential, Read More



Delta To Pay $2.3M To End Worker Background Check Suit, Read More

Court Orders Arbitration of FCRA Claims, Stays Case as to all Defendants, Read More

Take a Load off, Fannie: Ninth Circuit Finds Fannie Mae is Not a CRA, Read More

Settlement Tracker: Delta Airlines Settles FCRA Class Action, Read More

Judge Denies HR Company’s Bid to Dismiss in Background Check Class Action, Read More

Time Will Tell: FCRA Statute of Limitations Defense on a Motion to Dismiss, 
Read More

Time Will Tell: FCRA Statute of Limitations Defense on a Motion to Dismiss, Read More

Ninth Circuit Holds That Fannie Mae Is Not a Consumer Reporting Agency under FCRA, Read More

Reasonable Investigation Under FCRA: Two Times Might Not Be a Charm, Read More

9th Circuit says FCRA Background Check Disclosures Cannot Reference State Laws, Read More

Judge Rules for Heartland Payment in Background Check Lawsuit, Read More

The Form Must Stand Alone: Ninth Circuit Rules that Disclosure Form Referencing State Laws Violates FCRA, Read More

The Ninth Circuit Adopts an Expansive Reading of the FCRA’s Provision Governing Background Check Disclosures, Read More

‘Clear and Conspicuous’ Disclosure About Background Checks Critical for Employers, Read More


Big Brands

Court Certifies Class of 5M Walmart Applicants in Background Check Suit, Read More

Wal-Mart Hit With Certification of Massive FCRA Class Action, Read More

Equifax Dodges FCRA Claims From 2017 Data Breach, Read More


Drug Testing

Federal Appeals Court Holds That Public School District May Drug Test Substitute Teacher Applicants, Read More

Random Drug Tests on Table for Mesa Students, Read More

Changing Marijuana Laws May Mean It’s Time to Review Drug Testing Policy, Read More

Buyers Beware: Barre Man says CBD Products Cost Him a Job, Read More

Boyle Schools Could Subject Most Students to Random Drug Tests, 
Read More

Know Your Rights: Marijuana In The Workplace, Read More

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests? Read More

CDL Drug Test Requirements Begin Prior to Employment, Read More

‘It happens.’ York Man Charged With Trying to Cheat Drug Test Using a Urine-Filled Condom, Read More

More Americans Could be Drug Tested if States Listen to the Labor Department, Read More

2018 Drug Testing Change Could Alter Coast Guard Figures, Read More

Senator Proposes Drug Testing for all Elected, Appointed Officials, Read More

Pro-Hemp Group Looking to See Changes to Workplace Drug Testing Laws, Read More

Bakersfield Police Using New Drug Testing Technology for DUI Check this Weekend, Read More

Police to Roll Out Roadside Drug Tests by End of February, Read More

North Dakota Senate Committee Scrutinizes School Drug Testing Bills that Critics Label Unconstitutional, Read More

Positive Drug Tests At Work Continue To Rise, Read More

Sumner County Man Fails Drug Test Because he Uses CBD, Even Though It’s Completely Legal, Read More

CBD Could Cause a Positive Drug Test, Read More

Employment Background Screening–Compliance with the FCRA, Read More

Poppy Seeds Trigger Child Abuse Case Against WNY Mom, Read More


Credit Checks

What to Do When Personal Identity Theft Becomes a Professional Problem,
Read More

NY Governor Wants to Limit Pre-Employment Credit Checks, Read More

Gov. Cuomo Wants to Limit Pre-Employment Credit Checks, Read More


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