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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.


New Jersey

Christie signs criminal record expungement bills, calling them ‘life-saving’ measures. Read More.


New laws take effect in Nevada in 2018. Read More.


Immigration-Related Law Takes Effect in California Affecting All Employers, Read More.

Now That Pot Is Legal In California, Can I Still Be Drug Tested For A Job? Read More.


WA Legislators Could Help Level Playing Field for Ex-Inmates, Read More.


‘Ban the box’: Proposed Kansas City ordinance would prevent employers, landlords from asking about felony charges, Read More.


Virginia Senate Passes Ban-the-Box Bill for Employment, Read More.


Officials formally act to ‘ban the box’ Read More.

Federal Legislation

The Spokeo Chronicles: FCRA Criminal Background Pre-Adverse Action Claim Dismissed for Lack of Standing, Read More.

House Close to Passing Bill Establishing National Background Checks For Volunteers, Read More.

Background Checks

The EEOC Continues to Press Litigation Under Title VII Concerning Employer Criminal Records Checks, Read More.

Ringing in 2018 with New Ban-The-Box Laws, Read More.

Have You Checked the Background of Your New Hire Yet? Read More.

Laws Governing Background Checks for Employers, Read More.

A Research On Employee Background Verification Trends for Startups, Read More.

Imperva Seeks To Nix Worker Background Check Class Action, Read More.

Government auditor says background check review process is at ‘high risk’ Read More.

Big Brands

Rental car company to settle background check suit for $2.7 million. Read More.

UPS Fires 32-Year Black Employee After Failed Drug Test Despite His Medical-Marijuana Card, Read More.

FedEx wins in bias suit filed by former employee, Read More.

Lyft Fined After Hiring Driver With Felony Convictions, Read More.

National Limousine Association Refutes Uber and Lyft’s Claims Concerning Background Checks, Read More.

Drug Testing

Employment – Drug testing – Age discrimination, January 11, 2018, Read More. 

Employee’s Refusal to Take Drug Test Dooms Discrimination Claim, Read More.

Navigating drug testing requirements as state laws increasingly conflict with federal regs, Read More.

Opioid Testing by Employers Is Becoming More Common, Read More.

Oklahoma businesses face harsh consequences from SQ 788, Read More.


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