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Peopletrail actively tracks the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds employment and criminal background screening. Staying up-to-date with the law helps you remain compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and other regulatory standards.  The following includes highlights of the most significant updates impacting the screening industry in recent weeks.

State Legislation

Washingon, DC

Credit Reporting Agencies Face Pressure from Skeptical U.S. Congress, Read More


‘Ban-the-Box’ Bill Sees Bipartisan Support in Iowa Legislature, Read More

New Mexico

The Latest: Ban-the-Box Bill Sent to New Mexico Governor, Read More


Maryland May Help Felons Return to Work by ‘Banning the Box’ on Job Applications, Read More


State Law Developments in Consumer Privacy, Read More


Pine Bluff Mayor Sponsors Ordinance to Get Rid of ‘Felony Box’ on City Applications, Read More

Council Pulls Proposal on Background Checks, Read More

North Dakoda

Bill Obscuring Government Job Applicants’ Criminal History Signed by Burgum, Read More


Proposal Pushes Portland Landlords to be More Forgiving of Criminal history, Bad Credit, Read More


State Lawmaker Aims to Require Background Checks for All Youth Coaches, Read More

‘Ban the Box’ Update to Come From New Orleans Officials, Read More


Ban the Box to be Voted On, Read More


Judiciary Committee Chairman Kills ‘Ban the Box’ Bill, Read More


2019 Colorado Bills to Watch, Read More

Federal Legislation

The FTC Takes its Subpoenas and CIDs Seriously – and You Should, Too, Read More

House Holds Hearing on Proposed Expansive FCRA Changes, Read More

Bill Would Make it Illegal to Ask Federal Job Applicants About Convictions Early in the Process, Read More

Warren, Cummings Release GAO Report Recommending Stronger Consumer Protections to Prevent Another Equifax Breach, Read More

House Oversight Committee Approves ‘Ban the Box’ Bill for Agencies, Contractors, Read More

Background Checks

How Can You Tell if a Job Candidate Is Lying About Their Credentials? Read More

How Easy are Background Checks for App-Based Cab Drivers?
Read More

Reminder of Steps Employers Must Take When Requesting Credit or Background Reports, Read More

How to Prescreen Applicants using Background Checks, Read More

State Regulators Slap Largest Fine in Background-Check Case Against Energy Marketer, Read More

Navigating the FCRA’s Standalone Disclosure Requirement, Read More

Canada’s Parliament to Consider Bill Suspending Marijuana Crime Records, Read More

Stanford Imposes New Background Checks on Sports Recruits, Read More

Biometric Background Check Cracks Decades-Old Cold Case in Florida, Read More

University of Michigan Felony Disclosure Policy Draws More Criticism, Read More

Former Wallingford Man Provided Fingerprints for Background Check. Police Charged Him with Murder, Read More


FCRA Claims Dismissed in Massive Equifax Data Breach Case, Read More

Court Refuses to Allow Equifax to ‘Frustrate Discovery’ by Creating Inaccessible Database, Read More

Third Circuit Rejects Consumer Claim of Injury-in-Fact Based on an Alleged Risk of Harm, Read More

Third Circuit Rejects J. Crew Customer Suit in Rigorous Application of Standing Principles, Read More

Botched Drug Test Opens Door To SC Worker’s Suit Against Testing Company, Read More

The Ninth Circuit Finds Inaccurate Credit Reporting Alone Does Not Confer Article III Standing, Read More


Big Brands

PUC Recommends Improvements on PA Uber’s Driver Background Check Process, Read More

PUC Approves Review on Uber’s Driver Background Check Process, Read More

State Agency Recommends Background Check Improvements for Uber in PA, Read More

Drug Testing

United States: Opioid Abuse In The Workplace: Employers Shouldn’t Turn A Blind Eye To The Problem, Read More

What Pregnant Women Should Know About Over-the-Counter Medication, Read More

5 Drug Test Tricks Employees Use That Might Not Work, Read More

Man Fails Drug Test From CBD Oil, Read More

Amtrak Struggles to Screen Workers for Drug, Alcohol Abuse, Report Finds, Read More

Hospital to Employees: CBD Products Containing THC Could Get You Fired, Read More

Employee Who Fails Drug Test Can Sue Drug Testing Laboratory For Negligence, Read More

Duty Of Care Owed To Employee Subjected To Drug Testing, Read More

States Moving to Ban Fake Urine, Read More

Medical Marijuana Users May Not Be Discriminated Against In New Jersey, Read More

Will Employers Still Test for Marijuana if Recreational Use Becomes Legal in Illinois? Don’t Keep a Pipe at Your Desk Just Yet. Read More

DOT Shuts Down Driver for Multiple Failed Drug Tests, Read More

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